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At the Page level Configuration in Smartforms, you can find the option of ”Print Mode” under Output options tab. Here, we select the Print mode to duplex to print both sides of the SmartForm.

Once we go to properties of any page in Smartform, there is a tab for Background Image. Here, we specify the source of the image you want.

This enables and adds the required image as a watermark or a background image.

A SmartForm does not need a separate creation of Main Window. But , a SmartForm can be achieved even without a main window.

This developmental tool features a checkbox for Page – Protection in the tab to ensure page protection.

-SAP Scripts are client dependent whereas SmartForms are client independent.

– SAP Scripts require a driver program to display the output whereas in

SmartForm the form routines can be written so that it is standalone.

– An integrated Form Builder helps to design SmartForm more easily than SAP Scripts

– Table Painter and SmartStyles assist in building up the SmartForm

– On activation a function module is generated for SmartForm

– It is possible to create a SmartForm without a main window

– SmartForm generates XML output which can be viewed through the web also

– Multiple page formats is possible in SmartForm

–  Select the Text node.

–  Change Editor (Click the button above Check near the Editor)

–  Go to menu Include -> Characters -> SAP Symbols

–  Choose the SAP symbol that you want to insert.

– Here we declare what must be passed in and out of the SmartForm.

– Is where you declare data to be used within the SmartForms on a global scope.



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