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SAP Ui5 Fiori is a client-side rendering library just like any other. SAPUI5 strictly follows RIA (Rich Internet Application) standards. It is based on JavaScript which provides a lightweight programming model for desktop as well as mobile applications.

2. What is MVC?

MVC is abbreviated as Model, View, Controller; it’s an architecture to design UI based applications to get maximum reusability and extensibility of the application for future changes. Model is the representation of data, View defines the UI visible and Controller contains all the logic required and it connects view with  the data model.

We need to import SAP UI5 toolkit from  HANA marketplace and also  SAP UI5 ABAP Repository connector to deploy the project in ABAP repository.

HTML5 is a markup language and it doesn’t have programming capabilities whereas SAP UI5 is a framework which is based on MVC for  web applications. HTML5 is mainly for the purpose of creating a simple webpage without formatting and logic but UI5 provides standard style and components to build rich UIs.

A web application which gives the same look and feel to the user in desktops and mobile devices.

Components are independent and reusable parts used in SAPUI5 applications.

An application can use components from different locations from where the application is running. Thus, components can be developed by different development teams and be used in different projects. Components also encapsulate an application into a particular component. This makes the structure of an application and its code easier to understand and maintain.

The JSON model is a client-side model and, therefore, intended for small datasets, which are completely available on the client. The OData model is a server-side model: the dataset is only available on the server and the client only knows the currently visible rows and fields.

: These do NOT have User Interface, basically  Used for business logic and helper methods e.g. Formatters.

: Used in component.js file which is made by extending sap.ui.core.UIComponent class, and adds rendering feature to it.

We have 4 types of Data Model available :

JSON Model – Client-side model, does not supports two way binding.

2. XML Model – Client-side model and intended for small data sets this is very rarely used model.

3. Resource Model – This is also client side model used to maintain resource bundles, specially texts.

4. ODATA Model – This is most important model of the four provided. This is server side model, supports two way

binding ODATA model currently supports ODATA version.

JSON view

2. XML View

3. JavaScript View (JS View)

4. HTML View



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