Save yourself Time in Traffic jams

Save yourself Time in Traffic jamsIf you are ever on the Kenyan Roads am sure you share the same sentiment as most road users, “there is too much traffic jams”. Traffic jams can cost you a lot and make you miss that big date or that very important appointment. Traffic jams can also make you miss your flight. If you are catching an international flight you need to add 1 or 2 hours on top of the already advised 2 hours extra before departure so that you can just reach the airport in time. Traffic jams in Kenya is becoming a big problem.

The roads with the most traffic are the major highways, Uhuru Highway, Mombasa Road, Mbagathi Road, Ngong Road… just to name a few. Mombasa road and Uhuru Highway being the major exists and entries to Nairobi usually have high traffic jams at any time of day, be it in the morning, be it at night. The road users of Thika Roadwere saved by the construction and modification of Thika road. Its no longer Thika road, but Thika Super Highway. The Thika Super Highway has reduced traffic jams to a great deal in Thika but road users in other parts of the town still suffer through traffic jams

The goodness is that at least there are a variety of routes that can enable you to get to your desired location. However one cannot know which route has no traffic and which one has traffic. One is left to gamble and take a chance with the route they think is best, and at times you pick the wrong choice one too many times. Unless you are matatu driver, traffic jams will always affect you, as Matatu drivers communicate with each other and advice each other which route is best to use. Traffic jams can cause one to become hostile and filled with road rage for no reason.

What if you could be able to see in advance which roads have traffic jams? What if you could be able to save yourself from gambling and taking the wrong route? What if you could be able to know whether the road you are on has problems ahead beyond your sight? Am sure it would be amazing, time saving and could save you from frowning, as they say frowning just makes your face look older and wrinkled, and one tends to use more muscles frowning than just smiling.

Well there is a simple solution. Powered by Access Kenya which is one of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Kenya, there are traffic cameras around different locations mostly in Nairobi. Those cameras have been there and available to the public for quite some time and am sure not many of us knew about them. For one to be able to view the cameras just visit the and it will take you to the page where you can choose which camera to view. The site posts images which refresh approximately after every 5 seconds. The images are not High Definition snap shots but better having those images than being clueless. One can even access the site from their mobile phone. Just go to from the mobile phone browser and it shall direct you to their mobile site where you shall be able to view the location.

Save yourself the agony and stress of being stuck and traffic and use this simple solution. Visitfrom your mobile phone or Computer and experiment it yourself.

Post comments here if this solution is at least worth trying and encourage others to check it out….

A lot of fuel, time and energy are lost during traffic snarl-ups.

Today the traffic jams in Kenya, being a very serious inquiry

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