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Following steps can be used to create the TMG (Table Maintenance Generator)

Execute SE11

Select the Radio button DB Table

Provide the Table name & click on change

Click on utilities.

Click on TMG.

Select the authentication group as &NC& and Provide the function group as your table name

Select the one-step radio button.

Enter overview screen number (could be any). [4 digit only]

Click on save.

It is used to maintain (Change, create, modify) the custom tables using the standard T-Code  SM30.

Views are the imaginary tables. Views can be created using one or more tables.  Views are logical Database. It does not contain the data permanently. At Run time only View contains the data.

If there are any changes made at the table level the system will throw an error stating  “structure change at field level”. The table must, hence be adjusted to rectify this error.

No, We can use only Projection view and database view in an ABAP Program.

We can provide in 3 ways .

:-  It is a data dictionary object which can be used to maintain the  field labels (descriptions)  of the fields in the table or it’s structure.

:-   It is one of the data dictionary object which can be used to maintain the technical properties of the fields in the table or structure such are Type (char, numc….etc), length (10,20…etc)

is a table that can hold the data dictionary tables & TRDIR can stores the programs.


is not a table; it is a view of transparent table REPOSRC.

— All client independent programs



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