SEO Jargon

We do internet searches on a daily basis. Its easy, you just type in some words and the search engine will do the rest, finding you the sites that match your words the best. While it may be easy for the user, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in terms of ranking those sites for credibility, authenticity and trustworthiness. Anyone can make a website but its how that website ranks against all of the others that makes all the difference.

If you are writing for SEO, there are a whole host of acronyms, crazy terms and words to come to grips with. Some of them are obvious like a reciprocal link which is when two sites link to each other. This can also be called link exchange or link partner but the idea is the same. You can simply follow the link to the other site and back again if you wish.

Others, however are not as obvious. For example what is a scrape? Is it something you do when you have gum on the bottom of your shoe? No, its when someone copies content from a site. Usually this is done by bots, those pesky things that gobble up all available concert tickets from sites which in turn means you pay the earth to see your favourite band.

And what is spam? Not the meat in a can, but SEO spam is a made for advertising page that uses scraped or machine generated material for content. Its often repetitive and annoying and holds little value for users at all. A spammer then is someone who uses spam to well, annoy those who are searching for real answers to real questions on the web.

A static page is a web page that has no proper content, something that you wonder why it exists in the first place when you land on it. Redirect! Redirect!

The term social media is all around us these days, and it means what youd expect it toits the various online tech used by people to share information. Sites like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are all hugely popular social media platforms.

Not surprisingly then, social media marketing is brand or site promotion on those social media outlets. Think of the millions of people a day they can reach when they market on those sites.

SEO, marketing, sites all of these things make the internet what it is, all behind the scenes of a search.


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