SEO Simplified: Be a Magnet for Web Traffic With Organic Search

SEO Simplified: As many people know, the Earth has a natural magnetic pull and yet the moon barely has one at all.

On the World Wide Web, which one of these planets does your website or business most resemble?

Well  Let’s talk about the tool that helps to attract the targeted web traffic straight to your business or website.

There may be many potential customers out there for you, but how do you find them, get them all together and bring them right to your online door?

A new traffic-driving tool can be like your own magnet to bring targeted buyers straight to your business or / and website.

Video marketing nowdays is an extremely effective alternative to pay advertising  up to SIX times more effective than other methods!

With hardly any effort, it can allow you to submit your promotional video, transcribed into text format, .mp3 and podcast, to over 130 TOP online sources including:

30 Video Sites

21 Social Bookmarking

32 Article Directories

5 Social Media Networks

6 Blogs

7 Podcasts

+ Podcast Directories

This means that traffic driving tool, we have talking about, will help reach highly highly targeted audiences within highly ranked directories.

Your links will be SEO optimized and highly ranked by Google, Yahoo and Bing you’ll blitz those search engines!

All together, these links will dramatically increase your website page rank and help you to be listed high as organic content in search engines.

Right where you want to be, right where your customers will see you!

It also allows to be reaching brand new audiences through the new wave of business marketing  social bookmarking.

Users on social websites are one of the most receptive discussions nowdays.

Many users sit idling or browsing the sites and Facebook report that more than 70% of its 500 million members view added applications.

Half of those users log on every single day and will spend a combined 700 billion minutes on Facebook this month.

Research by PRMoment also showed that just 18% do not welcome brands on the site, with almost 50% of people becoming a ‘fan’ of a brand.

It’s not just young consumers who use social websites these days either  you’ve got a much larger audience to reach.

For example, Facebook is used by potential customers of yours such as people aged 26 and above who represents 60% of America’s Facebook users now.

Meanwhile, ladies aged 55 and over are the site’s fastest-growing users.

You will not have long to wait before you see the benefits either.

Bruce Wallster filmed a real-life testimonial for us, and called the video marketing system a “no-brainer” as he got “fantastic results the minute I posted the first video, immediately I got traffic and sales”.

Do not worry that it will take you ages to understand either, it’s “so easy, even a 12-year-old can use it”, says Anna Quevas.

Our satisfied customers, like Chet Bruce, all agree it “has opened doors”  so let it open the door to your website too and just watch the traffic come marching in!

Promote any business online the thorough way and watch hits and sales soar through driving targeted traffic and sales from this new, cutting edge traffic generation method!

A local video marketing system is the best, new way to drive targeted traffic to your business and website for free.

Not many people know about this yet, so jump over the competition quickly and dominate specific niche with organic search listings, by finding out how video can promote your business and drive sales to your business easily!

Local ads domination can soon be yours with local SEO and local ads working for you through local marketing  via this groundbreaking new video distribution service!


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