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Phosphorus fertilizer can be used in the development of basic food crops such as wheat.Classification can play an important role in ensuring food security in the future, helping to prevent the decline wheat production compared to other food crops due to deficiency of phosphorus causes.

Photo: Phosphorus in human feces have an important role in the development and growth of plant

Agency certification soil of the largest in the UK Soil Association said. ” It is estimated that only 10% of the three million tonnes of phosphorus excreted by people worldwide each year returned to agricultural land . “The adequate supply of phosphorus is essential for seed formation, root development and plant growth.The supply of phosphorus derived from phosphate rock can peaked in 2033 and then will become scarcer and more expensive – the report said. “We totally unprepared for dealing with the shortage of phosphorus, with the decline in food production, and followed the rising food prices “ – UK Soil Association said.

Previously, phosphorus is returned to the soil by fertilizing the plants or animals. However, this habit has been replaced by the use of phosphorus processing away from the residential area from the 19th century.

The report also called for the EU to change the rules for granting permission to use material waste water treatment is the type of biosolids on land has been certified as organic soil. Subjects were limited in these regulations is the heavy metals. EU regulations prohibit the use of biosolids in the field of organic agriculture because of fears of toxic effects of heavy metals may be caused by a combination of human waste with other waste products such as industrial wastewater.

“The density of heavy metals in the soil has decreased in recent years and is now eligible to carry the organic program, which aims to review the implementation of the waste water treatment programs can be conducted at the place where it meets the strict standards of environmental protection. “ – the report said.The recent study in England showed that the average chicken for 14.97 tons of manure each year, raising cattle for meat to 10.59 tons, and dairy is 15.24 tons. Meanwhile, a normal person for a substance to 5.48 tons in the same period.

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