The Shark V2950 is Shark’s most popular floor and carpet sweeper. The main feature of this sweeper is its large 13 inch spinning brush which is powered by its battery charged motor.

The sweeper has two speed settings; a slower speed for bare and hardwood floors and a faster setting for carpets. Additionally, The V2950 offers enhanced maneuverability via its “swiveling” capability, It also comes with a dust/dirt container that is very easy to remove and empty, as well as a foldable handle.

On paper the Shark V2950 appears to be a decent floor sweeper. However, it suffers from a number of design flaws. The main drawback of this sweeper is that it’s quite large compared to a lot of the other electric carpet sweepers on the market. Its cumbersome size makes it difficult to handle and maneuver into tight spaces and around furniture, where a slimmer design would be more advantageous.

The sweeper’s bulkiness also makes it more difficult to clean the edges of rooms and along corners. Another common complaint that many customers have expressed about this sweeper is that the it just doesn’t clean very well, especially hair. So if you want to do any serious, heavy-duty cleaning, you’re going to have to bring out your carpet cleaning machine because the Shark just won’t cut it. Also, the battery life seems to be quite short compared to other models out there.

When considering all of the drawbacks of this sweeper, I would not recommend the V2950 to potential buyers, especially when there are better sweepers on the market, like the Swivel Sweeper or the Procter & Gamble 04815. It’s also considerably more expensive than those other two models, making the Shark even less appealing. My advice: stay away from this one.