Shell case for iPad big screen revealed significant changes |

Sonny Dickson pretty reputable source of the leak of Apple products has just announced more photos shell case for the iPad generation of large 12.9 inch screen. Accordingly, the 4 holes on the bottom edge of the iPad 2 screen shows the device will integrate up to 4 external speakers as many rumors have revealed. Meanwhile, the slot on the left side where this can be arranged to connect USB-C that many previous rumors about the iPad screen or large.


Model Apple iPad’s large screen will be called iPad or iPad Air Pro Plus. The leak involved said the new line of tablet Apple branded Deficiency can support stylus sold separately. Design, the rumors are that the iPad will form an ultra-thin aluminum material will be hard but after the scandal over the iPhone 6 easily bent.

More likely to be the end of this year the big screen iPad since Apple unveiled new’re having at the stage of screen components.

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