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Shimano Chronarch 50Mg Baitcasting Reel

The Shimano Chronarch 50Mg is the perfect bait casting reel for both the beginner and advanced fisherman. First of all this reel was designed so that it would feel as if it were shaped and molded for the palm of your hand. The handle grips use Septon, a soft yet non slippery material that is easy to grip. This reel has a smooth and solid operation with a very controllable freespool. This is a high quality reel made with a magnesium body and an aluminum frame and will last for ages. The bearings are 10 times more anti-rust and corrosion resistant so you can safely use this reel in freshwater or saltwater without worrying about damage from water and the elements. Weighing only 65 grams, the components used for this reel provide durability and strength without the extra weight.

The intricate design of this reel allows you to feel the faintest activity at the hook end. The contoured design and grey silver coloring gives your reel an attractive look. The handle turns easily and you can either let more line out or reel in your catch with confidence and ease. All parts are framed using Metal Series frames to keep parts properly aligned for optimal and long lasting operation No magnets are used in this reel; centrifugal force helps to control cast adjustments and distance. This reel can handle very large catches. At 10 lbs test the reel can hold 105 yards of line. And at 14 lbs. the reel can hold 70 yards. And finally, the smooth operation of this reel makes it quiet enough so it won’t scare away nearby fish.

All in all, the best reel traits are packed into this reel with some extra treats to make this Shimano Chronarch Mg50 casting reel perfect for all fishermen and worth every penny.

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