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Herpes, viral secondary cause aching pain or ulcers in the mouth or agency is “sensitive” recently British scientists “rehabilitation” back, to give them a life of “good beautiful and meaningful “than.

Genital herpes Genital herpes is one of the popular social disease today. Especially when young people increasingly “open” in finding partners and relationships with many people, enabling the stock STD spread increasingly. In fact, there are 2 main types of herpes viruses are classified according to the location of infection is oral herpes (HSV-1) and genital herpes (HSV-2). However, the 2 strains on can find anywhere. And current treatments have not stopped this disease which can only alleviate the symptoms.

Global Statistically, the rate of HSV-1 or 2 in adults from 60-95%. This figure in children less. In particular, young children are often infected with HSV-1 (oral) more, mainly due to skin contact or sharing utensils with sick people. The higher age increasing rate. As of 2003, approximately 16% of the world population is infected with HSV-2, especially women in developing countries. Most people with HSV-2 (genital) do not know they have the disease.

With the above information, perhaps nobody wants to secondary viral infection without drug treatment. But with research efforts of British scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, they were “work life” for the navigation Herpes virus attacks. Instead of attacking normal cells in the human body, Talimogene Laherparepvec (or T-VEC), genetically modified virus will attack cancer cells in the skin ( malignant melanoma).

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One of the wickedness of skin cancer is to a certain stage, they can not be removed by surgery. Therefore patients can only use the method to chemotherapy, radiation or medication. But nothing guarantees the patient will be healed.

To achieve the desired purpose, the researchers conducted a genetic change in the virus Herpes 2, ICP34.5and ICP47 , making them unable to reproduce back inside healthy cells, but still there be born inside the cancer cells, which have been at fault in the mechanism of self-defense against herpes. Therefore, T-VEC can “comfortably” reproduction in cancer cells until they consume all biomass of these cells and flare out and destroy evil monsters cells.

Besides, T-VEC also produce a molecule called GM-CSF inside the cancer cells. This molecular “markers” for the immune system “type selective” in the cells on, help degrade the tumor.

Coordinate with 64 other research centers worldwide, ICR has carried out tests on 436 patients. They will be choosing between T-VEC and an improved therapy immune system (immunotherapy) else. Note T-VEC actually also a therapy improves the immune system based on viruses.

Results showed that 16.3% of those receiving T-VEC continued to show anti-cancer signal lasts more than 6 months. While other methods, this figure was only 2.1%. Particularly, some patients receiving T-VEC maintain resistance signal up to the 3 years, a medical oncologist with the view is perfect indication for treatment.

A total of 163 patients in the level III or level IV received money V-TEC, with average survival time of 41 months (about 3.5 years). Compared with 66 patients using other therapies, this figure was only 21.5 months (less than 2 years).

Of course, this is not entirely good news for skin cancer patients. But it demonstrates the ability to use the virus as a way to treat the disease, rather than just deal with them. GS. Paul Workman, executive director of the ICR, said: “We often think of a virus as an enemy of the people. But they do have a very strong ability to infect and destroy certain specialized cells. Article That makes them the potential to become the treatment of cancer “ .

“In this case, we exploit the ability of a virus to kill transformed cancer cells and stimulate the immune system. We are eager to see the possibility of using viral therapy at stage III trials (Phase III), as well as the hope that the same therapy can be more effective when combined with other cancer medications to achieve control over longer or cure closing cure disease “ .

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