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I love this product, By Gregory “GolferGreg” (Everett, WA United States)

I bought the SkyCaddie 2.5 after a lot of research and reviews. Spoke with SkyGolf sales and was told the SG3 and SG4 were being discontinued. The 2.5 and SG5 were the replacements because of software problems in the past. I purchased locally and went online and subscribed to the nationwide option because I live in Washington state and travel frequently. I use Vista and had no problems at all getting started. I change my downloaded courses often and have had no issues.

Playing with the 2.5 has been great. I am dialing in the yardage with each club very accurately using the mark function. On the occasional wrong fairway drive,

I used the 2.5 to not only get me the yardage, but I quickly got out of the way of the golfers playing the correct fairway. One hole in particular, I was 1 1/2 fairways to the right (it was really windy…LOL) skycaddie said I was 159 to the front(from where I was) 169 to the center, pulled my 7 iron and put it within 3 ft. Definitely has reduced my score, am getting more one-putts for birdies, and is a big hit with anyone I play with. I turn it on at the golf course while unloading my clubs and it has locked on to sattelites everytime before I finish putting on my golf shoes. I have had no problems that others have had and I love this caddie on my bag.

Bill’s Review, By That SOB (Smilin’ Ol’ Bill) “Senior Golfer” (Minneapolis)

Have used the Sky Caddie for several weeks and find it really a helpful gadget. If you stay in the fairway, and distace markers are visble, it still helps by avoiding the pacing and estimating normally done. And if you’re off the fairway, as we often are, it’s invaluable. A great item!

A Must For Serious Golfers, By Tiger To Be “Tiger2” (Atlanta, GA USA)

After getting the SkyCaddie SG2.5, dropped at least two strokes off my score. It makes a world of difference knowing your distances vs. just guessing. I can now make a confident swing know that I’ve selected the correct club for that distance!

Good Product, By T. Rupp “Golf Anyone?” (Pembroke Pines, FL)

I like the SkyCaddy SG2.5 GPS rangefinder. I only play a couple of different courses and they are already mapped in the database. I like knowing the prescise yardage to the pin and this is made possible by having the ability to use the cusrsor keys to move the location of the flag placement on the iGreen display.

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