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Anti-wandering system aims to facilitate accurate patient location tracking and ensure emergency treatment delivery. Wearable Wi-Fi Tags are assigned to each patient for location tracking and access control monitoring. Caretaker is able to track patients’ location in real time.

All-in-one health data monitoring unit embedded with blood pressure, SpO2 monitor, ECG monitor, thermometer, blood glucose measurement, weight scale etc which provide clinicians instant indications of patients’ real time status.

Sleeping Belt can be placed on bed to detect individual’s heartbeat rate, breathe rate and movement. If abnormal situation is detected. Caretaker can instantly get notice for emergency treatment.

The smart diaper is designed with moisture level sensor and trigger alert signals to Central Control Platform or caregivers’ smart watch if over 200ml of moisturise level is detected , benefits from saving time compared to periodic physical checks by nurses. It can lead to great health concerns if a person’s diaper go unattended.

Wearable tag is embedded with a falling sensor which detects elderly fall off and alert caretaker instantly for emergency treatment.

The call unit connects Central Control Platform which helps to streamline communication between elderly and caretaker, which to enhance patient satisfaction, improve quality of care and boost caretaker productivity. Call unit can be installed on bedside, toilet and bathroom with high flexibility.

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