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Compass, Calculator, Ruler, Bar Code 1.024 APK

The portrayal of   : Compass, Calculator, Ruler, Bar Code

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* Turns your LED streak  of your  into   and  Torch

“QR Code and Barcode Scanner

*  and  astute QR and Barcodes peruser on


*  and   compass with  .

* Works with in assembled  sensor



* Spirit   the   flawlessness

” Calculator

*  and  logical and  capacities



*  in ruler to gauge little questions


*  the sound  decibels with  precision


* Turns your  into  speedometer and an odometer.

” to discourse

* Convert the wrote contribution to  and discernable discourse


* ,  , Distance are ascertained

” Time and Time

*  the season of in  of hundred

* Calculate the time   any

* Calculate  ,   and Mileage

” Utilities

* Age and Date Calculator

*  Battery

* Counter

* Shoe  Converter

* Cooking

*   Base converter

is  on   the  and  the   estimations. We  to   highlights and utilities  . A debt of gratitude is




”   ”  Morse converter, Notes, Piano, Metronome and Password generator

” Multipurpose  ”  sound recorder, multi shading  streak

” New Sound meter, Bar code scanner,  Time Clock,  watch, Protractor, Calendar

” Minor fixes and

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