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Smartwatch Black Friday Deals 2015 are here! Looking for the Black Friday 2015 Smartwatch Sales? or Planning to buy new smartwatch during Black Friday 2015? Find all best Smartwatch on Black Friday 2015 deals & sales here!

Best Black Friday Deals on Pebble Multifunction Smart Watch

If you are looking to purchase a wearable tech trend of high quality in design and performance, then Pebble Multi-function Smart-watch should be your best option this Black Friday. This is an e-paper wristwatch that displays SMS, email, calendar, caller ID, iMessages and your favorite apps on the crisp display that is always an arms length away. You can also choose to receive notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites.

It’s time you should probably start leaving your phone in the room or in your pocket instead of constantly reaching at it from your pocket. The classic design makes it look beautiful on your wrist. Life is truly simple and easier with this smart-watch.

1. It is waterproof. This means that in the rain, you can expose this watch instead of your delicate smartphone.

2. Works with Apple devices running iOS 6 and above and also supports Android devices running on OS 4.0 and up. It connects to these devices via Bluetooth so that you get instant information.

3. It allows you to control your favorite music apps such as iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and more. You will never miss your favorite hit songs while cycling, running or while undertaking fitness activities.

4. Its set up is easy and straight forward and it has an excellent scratch resistant screen display that is readable even in bright light or underwater.

5. One full charge of the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 5-7 days. The battery is charged with a propriety USB cable that works with any USB port.

6. It is always on with color e paper display with LED back-light and has a built in microphone for voice reply.

7. It allows you to access your favorite applications in the Pebble App store. You will be able to download new games, watch faces, favorite apps and other innovations. The applications and watch faces can also be customized to suit your personal interests and style.

8. The silent vibrating motor alerts and alarms users.

The Pebble Smart-watch Black best Black Friday deal is available at Amazon at a 50% discount. Its list price is $149.99 but you are able to purchase it now at $74.79. You will save on $75.20, sweet deal indeed.

Benefits of Shopping online this Black Friday 2015

Make your Black Friday experience a great one by taking advantage of this amazing offer and acquiring the powerful smart-watch. You will never miss a text or call again, even if your smartphone is deep inside your bag. Don’t make it a secret, these offers doesn’t last for long. Share this article with friends and family members.

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