Smoothie bowl – Slimming World

I’m here with a super easy breakfast idea for those following Slimming World or a healthy lifestyle. It’s a Smoothie bowl.

This is a great breakfast idea for those who love a smoothie but don’t want the syns that can come with that on Slimming World. I wrote a blog post on smoothie syns here.

It looks delicious if I do say so myself and it was quick and easy to make, which is a bonus of a morning in my opinion.

Here’s how I made it this specific bowl.You will need:

Strawberries, 1 banana, grapes.

Fat free yogurt.

Sweet freedom choc shot


Build your bowl. The fun in this recipe is that you can pretty it up for those handy insta pics or just throw it all in and go. I sometimes do this in a smoothie glass too. There are endless options. Just add the yogurt, fruit and top with the choc shot (1 syn per tbsp)

You could add oats to this for overnight oats, or change up the fruit to include lots of speed. How about a Mullerlight instead of fat free yogurt? There are many options, which will you choose?

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