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Sony A7S II was added several important features, promises to make the photographer and the cameraman favorite.

If ever known through Sony A7S, surely none stranger to shooting capabilities in low light conditions extremely wonderful this camera. However, perhaps Japanese companies are still not satisfied with the present and continues to offer more new products with the ability to become worse – Sony A7S II.

Reportedly, ISO sensitivity range of the machine remains the same with elder A7S, ie from 50 to 409 600, but Sony said the new camera will produce photos at county (noise) than before. To prove this, Sony has posted a video of a night scene A7S II led to many shocked when watching:

Furthermore, Sony A7S II are added some important features, promises to make the photographer and the cameraman favorite.

The first feature to mention is the ability of 5-way image stabilization, which has appeared in the “cousin” A7 II and will work perfectly well with any given lens. With this feature, users can shoot at shutter speeds without a tripod low may still be shaking a little image.

Also, those who prefer to use the zoom or telephoto lens will find this feature extremely useful, especially when the video will help smooth motion images and more vibration. This will help filmmakers the trouble of carrying more stable device support from 3rd party image when going back.

Previously, A7S can shoot 4K video standard, but due to hardware limitations should not allow the machine to save memory in which users need to use the content to an external receiver. A7S II juniors have overcome this situation, the user can now save directly 4K video without top receiver as before.

Besides, this video may be recorded at a higher bit rate – 100Mbps and for a sharper image. With 1080p resolution, the machine can record video at 120fps speed, which means that users can create movies slomo 5 times slower than standard 24fps.

These changes can turn A7S II became the workhorse for those who love the film, enabling them can shoot 4K video in a professional manner without too many accessories attached. Some other changes also present on A7S II include improved autofocus system (especially in low light conditions) and supported adding a few select codec for video professionals.

Reportedly the Sony A7S II will be launched in October to the estimated price of $ 3,000, which would be a not small numbers but for those who love the video and the professional video much less attention to the machine.

Here are some sample photos taken from Sony A7S II:

Use Sonnar T * lens with 55mm F1.8 ZA FE, speed 1/50 sec, f / 8, ISO 100.

70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM Lens II. 1/80 sec speed, shooting in aperture of f / 5.6, ISO 6400

90mm F2.8 Macro lens FE G OSS. Take a 25 second exposure, aperture of f / 8, ISO 3200

90mm F2.8 Macro lens FE G OSS. Shooting at 1/640 sec speed, aperture F / 8, ISO 51,200

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