SpiderOak Promotion Code – Additional 4GB Free

SpiderOak Promotion Code ” Additional 4GB Free


Get another 4GB of free online backup with this new SpiderOak promotion code

has a new promotion code which gives all users an additional 4GB of online backup space free this week. Here’s how to use this new SpiderOak promotion code:

and get 2GB free. Then, go to Buy More Space and enter the code Freedom4 ” your 2GB will be upgraded to 6GB!

Much like New Users, existing users who have taken advantage of SpiderOak’s free 2GB offer (or have earned more via other rewards) can also use the code Freedom4 and up to 4GB will be added to your account, maxing you out at 6GB. So if you’re at 4GB, you won’t earn another 4, you’ll just get 2 and be up to 6.

Note ” if you’re over 6GB, do NOT apply this promotional code! Users who are over 6GB (from other referral programs) are seeing their accounts dropping down to 6GB! Yikes!


with your username and they’ll manually increase your account another 4GB.

This promotion ends at the end of the week, so take care of it now!

SpiderOak is the top online backup provider when it comes to security, and has had features such as sync and sharing years before other services released them. For more details, read our

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