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Skateboarding – One of

the Most Exciting and Skilled Board Sports

by: Ben Ruhland

If you’re looking to get into a board sport why not try out

skateboarding? Let me guess you and your friends go out on weekends

looking for something to do but you’re bored stiff. Well I can guarantee

you skateboarding is a sport you’ll never be able to give up on once you

get into it. It’s a board sport that can have a steep learning curve

depending on the person but most people can pretty much master the basics

within a couple of months.

Skateboarding has developed quite a bit in recent years. For decades

when skateboarding was in its infancy, it was seen as an activity

performed by youngsters, mainly rebel kids. In these earlier years

skateboarders were perceived as outcasts who went around vandalizing other

people’s property by skating on it. It is becoming more understood these

days but it still has a long way to go before people will fully understand

the skill and dedication that goes into this sport.

The basics of skateboarding like pushing yourself along the street are

easy to learn but once you get into the tricks and manoeuvres such as the

most basic trick, the ollie, it takes quite a bit more practice to master.

You need to learn the ollie as it’s a fundamental move that is combined

into the majority of tricks where the board leaves the ground. The ollie

is what could be considered a “jump” where the skateboard and the rider

leave the ground with the board under their feet. To really master this

basic move it can take a natural skater up to a year to really get it


When learning to skateboard some protective gear can go a long way to

ensuring your safety as you can expect to take many falls when first

starting out. A decent helmet, some elbow pads and knee pads will give you

the safety you’re looking for and a little extra confidence knowing you

won’t get too hurt when you fall. You can buy this protective gear fairly

cheap from most skate shops and even some general purpose stores.

It’s easy to get nervous when first starting out on a skateboard

because your balance will most likely be very out of tune. But don’t

worry, every single skater you see out there on the skate park doing all

those big moves, grinding rails, doing big grabs on the half pipe, they

were all just like you when they started out. It’s a sport that takes a

lot of dedication, and it relies on practice. If you put in the hours

you’ll be popping kick flips in a matter of months. So go out there and

get practicing, it’ll keep you busy for many years to come.

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