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How to make money writing online       And I don’t mean to use the word “battle”in a war-like sense,I just mean that there are two different philosophies niche bloggers should be aware of,and maybe they’re wrong and maybe they’re right,but the speculation is interesting. And I want to add mine so that there’s really three.OK so today […]November 11th,2009 | Tags:,,,,,,,, | Category:,, |

I got a message from a facebook friend,asking me if I knew anything about Hubpages.  here’s my lazy-@$$ pasted answer:I have an account there but I haven’t written anything yet.  It’s very similar to Squidoo in the way it’s laid out.  I have an account at Squidoo,too.  Both of those sites have […]August 26th,2009 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,, |



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