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Sri JA Tech is one stop Gateway to Quality Education Our constant endeavor is to make Quality high Tech Education accessible to the masses in order to meet the growing corporate needs, At Sri JA, we analyse different learning capabilities of every students, and provide customized course for each student. The prescribed course materials prepared to satisfy students learning capability as well as to meet the learning standars of leading IT companies. We provide placement assistance in Networking and IT & non_IT companies.

It was all thought of starting an IT Training Centre by us

with a view that quality education to students be given

so that unemployment is reduced to the bearest minimum.

To enable us to do so, our 35 years of marketing experience was

the backbone at various corporates including some knowledge by working

in media houses/advertising agencies.

Our Trainers mostly all from corporates are of great help to us to

build the castle of our dreams, as their updated knowledge in the relevant

field provides the students updated knowledge on the subject too which

means they do not need any further training while going for any interview.

We have started the institution in 2013 January and we are successful in

making the institution now a success with the help of our all associates.

The classes and labs are well equiped, every theory session will be followed by compulsory lab assignments where students can find and realise the practical aspects of the subject, every course is followed by Live Projects on the respective technologies, and also special classes held for – resume preperation, communication skills development, interview preperation etc.. thus overall development of an individual is focused on by Sri JA.

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