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This hands c++ programming course provides an accelerated introuction to the most essential syntaxctical componenent of the C and C++ language on the first day,prior to our days o focus n object-oriented programming with C++ the course biins by introducing the built in data types fundamentals controls constructs and rich expression operator repertoire.

Duration : 2 Months

Java / Java EE

This course provides students hands on experience with cutting edje java etreprise(Java EE) technologies,creating dymique web and applications thatutiize several java framework and technologies including jsp’and servelet technologie,java persistence API (JPA),Entreprise java bean(EJB’s)AJAX, web service spring and hibernate the goal is to enable student to exploit the Java EE platform persistence API (JPA),Entreprise java bean(EJB’s)AJAX,web service spring and hibernate the goal is to enable student to exploit the Java EE platform

Duration : 2 Months

Java Mobile J2ME

J2ME, this course covers the perespective o mobile phone programming the course introduces varius of J2ME APIs an concepts including CLDC,MIDP and mobile game programming it will also involve praticaltraining the courseware includes thounsand of slide for training

Duration : 2 Months


This android programming training course covers everything you need to

develop apps for android devices work with java and the eclipse IDE ,gain

an understanding of how the os works and the specific requirement to build

your android app.

Duration : 2 Months

Advance Cert Mobile Dev

The certificate in web mobile application development provides students

with the specialization and knowledge that is important in development

of web and mobile computer specializations students will study and gain

experience with the language and framework.

Duration : 2 Months

Java Mobile J2ME

J2ME, this course covers the perspective of mobile phone programming.

The course introduces various of J2ME APIs an concepts including

CLDC,MIDP and mobile game programming it will also involve practical

training the courseware includes thousands of slide for training.

Duration : 2 Months


The objective of this course introduce the student to the language of graphics used in engineering and technologies of orthographic projections, sections, conventions, threads and fastener pictorial drawings ,auxiliaries and revolution.

Duration : 2 Months


Introduction to engineer designed different types of numerical methods &

applications practical application of FEA basics of finite element method

(FME) analytic method to solve any mechanics problems theatrical FEM

procedure to solve above mechanics problem.

Duration : 2 Months


This course provide hands-on training or primavera client/server-based

solution , leading participants thought the entire project life cycle from

planning to execution topics include adding activities.

Duration : 2 Months

Adobe Photoshop

The premium editing software in industry, used for all kind of image

editing works such as prepress works ,digital photography, web page

designing etc.. is treated as platform software for all kind media

technologies course.

Duration : 2 Months

Adobe Premiere

Adobe premiere is a digital editing normally used for editing television

programs all leading video editor are blowing SFX, after effects providing

all kinds of composition helpers such as light camera etc.

Duration : 2 Months


Network theory TCP/IP adressing and data delivery Network termilogies The TCP/IP protocol suite Network categories IP Adressing Standard network models Default IP Adressing Schemes ect…

Duration : 2 Months

Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA)

Cisco certified associate(CCNA)routing and swuitching and certification program for entry-level network enginners that helps maximize your investement in foundationnal ntwork knowledge and increase the value of your employer’s network the CCNA routing and swithing validate the ability to instal,configure ,operate,and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks.

Duration : 2 Months

Cisco Certified InterNetwork Expert(CCIE)

Cisco certified internetwork expert(CCIE)certiied the skills required of expert-level engineers to plan,perate and troubleshoot complex ,converged network infracture

Duration : 2 Months

Systems Architecture

This course covers principes an methods for technical system architecture it presents a synthetic view including the resolution of ambiguity to identify system goals and boundaries the creatives process of mapping form to function and the analytics of complexity an methods of composition etc…

Duration : 2 Months

Data Brockerage

This course extends your knowledge of the websphere message brocker product focusing on using websphere message brocker to develope ,deploy and support plateform-independent message flow applications these application use varius message topologies to trennsport messages between service requestors and service providers and also allow the messages to be routed.

Duration : 2 Months

Web Designing

This course introducs students students to basic web designing using HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading style sheets )the course does not require any prior knolodge of HTML or web design through the course students are introduces to planing and designing effective web etc.

Duration : 2 Months

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