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Our studio specializes in web-sites elaboration, supporting and promotion. We are ready to accomplish your order in shirt terms and with high grade of quality.

We have everything to do that: advanced software, hardware platform, wide experience and close-knit collective. Each of our employees is able to work individually

on a specific task or as a memmber of team.

Do you have any project? – We make it real !



Anton Ermak

Proficiency:All programming, e-commerce

Current status:Technical director


Stan Korelchuk

Proficiency:Public relations, usability, etc.

Current status:Project manager


Serge Kormachev

Proficiency:Grafic design,layout, usability, etc.

Current status:Art director


Victor Smirnykh

Proficiency:Grafic design, html-coder, scripting, etc.

Current status:Lead designer


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