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So happy to Welcome you to the Terminal.

With so much to do and see on the Island I am sure you will be busy!

Our tourists need you!💕


Happy Thanksgiving from Ivy Branding & Marketing Group…..


Sending warm thoughts & wishes for you and your family for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving! #health #happiness #friendsandfamily


I just want to wish my Facebook family and friends a Blessed Thanksgiving. My wish for you is to Enjoy your beautiful Families. If there is anyone out there that is going to be alone, please reach out to someone and spend the day with them, for no one should be alone on this holiday. My door is Always open to anyone who would like some company today. Please feel free to contact me. My family and I would love to have you.


Go Green This Holiday Season By Sending More E-Cards, Less Paper Cards. Sending Greeting Cards Electronically, Or E-Cards, Is One Of The Simplest Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Waste Produced This Season. If You Are Still Sending Paper Cards, Look To Use Cards Made With Recycled Content


The Holiday Season is upon us. It s a great time to show your love, gratitude and appreciation with flowers or goody baskets.

Order yours by 11.16.17 and save 20% on your order.


Garden Baby Shower🌸🌸🌸🐇#garden #babyshower #gardenbabyshower #sideview #desserttable #sweettable #mesadedulces #maintable #firsta #party #celebration #celebracion #partyideas #partydecor ##partydecoration #babygirl #niña #pink #rosado #girlsparty #flowers #balloons #decoration #brooklyn #ny


When s the last time you inspected your wipers? @HumbleMechanic details what to look for:


Phil Guarnieri and Empire State Bank was happy to sponsor this years SIP Community Business of the Year Award, presented to John & Kara Gordon of Flagship Brewing Company. Here are some highlights from the SIP Awards night.


Well it had been QUITE awhile since I have posted or checked in on this page – besides photographing my newborn, Thea, born June 6, and my cousins little boy I have not been up and running since last Christmas! I apologize to everyone – life has become extremely hectic with two little ones running around! But I m back! I plan to do some Fall photos and be back and up and running for good around Christmas time! Thought I would share a bunch of photos since we have become a family of 4 and just say hello to everyone! I ve missed you all!! Xoxo


great event… great cause… great people… Sept 15th Wolfe s Pond Park… Enjoy!


The government is looking for revenue and they found one place to get it…watch out Staten Island…


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