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Established in 1998, we are a family business, with over 15 years of experience of being Guardians. We provide a very caring professional service to overseas families with children studying in the UK.

Study Links offers a range of guardianship packages to suit every need; from full guardianship for students who require close care and attention with 24 hour welfare care and pastoral support, to our nominated guardianship package for independent students who require an insurance policy in case something goes wrong, we have a package to suit every family’s guardianship needs.

We also provide a host of other services for international students and families with in an interest in the UK. Our services include; short and long term homestay accommodation, transport in the UK (including booking flights), School and University application service (free of charge), private tuition in the UK, study tours to the UK, summer and holiday camps in the UK, parent and family visits to the UK, familiarisation trips for International Agents, study tours to China, International Internships and recruitment of teachers.

Information about our school facilities

We offer the following services:

Full Price list

See the full price list on the schools website, links to that website can be found on this page!

Also, you can contact our staff at any time for a detailed price quote:

/ 1 (800) 620 – 5567

See their website for more detailed information and assistance


Our school location

We are based in Bradford, a city in the heart of Yorkshire.


Course options for students

We can help students who wish to apply to Boarding School, Universities and Colleges in the UK.

Accommodation options

We organize long and short term homestay. We have families throughout the UK. All of our homestay have rigorous safety and police checks.

Full contact details for students

We are always willing to help, come to us with any query or opportunity regarding care and education in the UK.

For more information, please visit our website

or call us on +44 (0) 1274 679710.

There are boarding schools located all over the world in basically every major city there is. We work with the BEST!

Students who attend the perfect high school abroad find that they not only learn a lot, but can actually enjoy it!

All About Learning works with the TOP Universities worldwide and can & will help you find the perfect school for you!

Trade schools teach marketable, job specific skills to students teaching you what you’ll need to perform a specific job.

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