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How to make money writing online Almost a year ago,I wrote about my Suite101 earnings,because one writer made $5000 in a month and they finally told us we were allowed to discuss our income.I’m revisiting that topic this year because the industry has changed a little,so have my earnings and my writing habits and Suite101′s best practices […]August 9th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,,,, |

I got another request for “good keywords”and unfortunately,I can’t just GIVE anyone good keywords. It’s not about the keywords. It’s about the combination of keywords that are good for different reasons. Hopefully this 3000 word article will explain SEO for freelance web marketers (and that is exactly […]October 20th,2009 | Tags:,,,,,,, | Category:,,,, |

(Free SEO Video Course )  And here are a couple of guys who mastered it and make almost $100k a month. DAYUMM or should I say SHAZAMM because my kids are in the room.I was reading the Suite101 forums and someone posted this video- awesome- awesome- totally CLICKED for me. Most of this I […]October 1st,2009 | Tags:, | Category:,,,,,,, |

If you’re working for residual income,here are some things that should make your eyes perk up when you’re browsing the web.#1- rather crappy websites that don’t appear to be Engine Optimized,yet seem to get a lot of traffic. I found one the other day that said something like this:I started […]September 22nd,2009 | Tags:,,,,,,, | Category:,,, |

SO- last month,Suite101 nnounced that one of our fellow writers had just about reached the $5000 mark for August Earnings (or was it July?) Either way- that’s so darned inspiring. We all guessed and estimated and stalked eachother out,and finally they announced who the lucky lady was. She was definitely on my short-list,[…]September 14th,2009 | Tags:,,,,,,,, | Category:,,, |

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