Super rotary technology content in Chinese university entrance exam |

A telescope cameras confiscated in previous years exams, with small receivers like coins.

About 9.5 million Chinese students attended the college entrance examination in June this first occasion. It is considered as the exam determines the fate, and create tremendous pressure to not only the contestants that Chinese society. The result is the same candidate who invented the poison attack many frauds, that there are places to use unmanned aircraft to monitor the contestants.

Here are some tactics game image being detected in previous exams:

Strict inspection before entering the examination room at Lien Ninh.

The high-tech pens seized.

A bra with communications equipment installed inside.

Nokia phones, popular media for games of contestants cheating China.

The examination room in Sichuan mounted cameras to curb fraudulent site.

Some photos are often seen before the exam:

Candidates and their relatives often visit places of worship Confucius luck before exams.

Waiting in competition.

The examination of English at the University of East Management.

Parents send their children to attend practice college entrance exam in Anhui Province.

Nap while studying for exams.

While reviewing all assisted.

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