Taco Agave’s Vietnamese Tacos? Yes, There is Such a Thing and Here is My Review

I had been hearing a lot of buzz about Taco Agave. It’s relatively new and friends are chatting about it. I wasn’t entirely sure of its location, just that it was downtown and off of Palafox. I knew I had to check out their tacos soon.  Finally the opportunity came to make good on that agenda and try out their unique and tasty Vietnamese tacos.

It’s five thirty on a Saturday evening. The day was somewhat productive, but I’ve been at home for a while and I’m ready for a change of scenery. I started off the morning with a quick walk through Palafox Market before meeting up with friends for coffee at the Bodacious Brew.

I’ve run my errands and caught up with the “adulting” responsibilities that have pressing deadlines. Now what to do? A friend texts, “Are you up for a walk downtown?” “Definitely!” I text back. I’m beginning to get stir crazy. Fresh air and a walk will do me good.

We drive downtown. I do love our downtown! The air is fresh and crisp and there’s a slight breeze that keeps your steps brisk. It really is a nice night to be out for a walk with the restaurants and shops shielding the wind. Eventually the abundance of eating options beckons us to enjoy our conversation over good food.

My First Impression

We decide to go to Taco Agave. My friend recently tried it. I’ve never been, but have heard good things about this new taco place. It’s not an overly large establishment. The decor is modern. Simple, clean lines and minimal decor.

Taco Agave

One of the aspects I immediately appreciate about this new restaurant is the fact that the menu is not overwhelming, but at the same time the options are interesting and impressive. The menu features between 8 and 10 tacos, some appetizers and a few side items. You don’t have the 10 page menu that some restaurants tend to have with countless combinations and endless entrees that make my head hurt by the time I finish reading the menu. The drink menu is a bit more extensive with a variety of margaritas and tequila selections, but you don’t get lost in it.

Everything on the menu looks good. Think creative and inventive combinations, such as the pink taco with ahi tuna, a vegetarian option, chicken, beef, with Asian inspired flavors. We opt for chips and guacamole and I decide to go for the Vietnamese taco. The wait staff is friendly and prompt with taking our orders and bringing out our drinks. Background music is playing,although this evening it doesn’t overpower the conversation. (Update: Depending on the evening and time, some nights the music is louder than others.) It’s not long before the food arrives. The chips are seasoned well and the guacamole is homemade and very fresh. The corn chips are crisp and not the least bit stale. Always a good sign!

My Favorite: The Vietnamese Tacos

I have to say the Vietnamese taco was the highlight for me. This was absolutely brilliant! The beef on the taco was tender and flavorful. It was topped with fresh pickled vegetables  consisting of onion, carrot,  and jalapeño. The honey siracha sauce was the perfect garnish that brought everything together in this perfect symmetry of savory, yet slightly sweet and subtly spicy. This is definitely a place you need to try. I’m looking forward to going back and trying all of their tacos.

Aly Chiman

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