Tech News : Microsoft Reveals the Specs for Xbox Project Scorpio and Most Powerful Console Ever

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In Tech News Microsoft entered the console commercial enterprise within the year 2001 and it knocked the socks off of human beings’s toes with the primary Xbox. it turned into modern for the time. speedy ahead to 16 years later and we’ve the Xbox one, one of the maximum progressive consoles which bundle up as a imperative leisure device. in mixture with the computer gaming marketplace and their console enterprise, Microsoft is virtually one of the big players in the gaming industry. the employer which comes close to giving the Redmond large a tough combat is Sony with their PS. Xbox one has been doing pretty well in phrases of income. but last year, Microsoft showcased the destiny of the console to the gaming fanatics with the assertion of mission Scorpio and at the same time as most of the info had been shrouded in thriller, it sure as hell gave the look of a massive improve.

nicely in case you are one of those folks they’ve been waiting eagerly to scoop up more information in this console, have fun, as Microsoft just released the specifications of this console and boy is it a beast. the console might be powered with the aid of eight custom x86 cores clocked at a whopping 2.three GHz in comparison to the Xbox one’ s 1.7 GHz jaguar cores. the GPU inside task Scorpio would be 40 custom designed whole gadgets at 1172 MHz. the reminiscences capped at 12 gb gddr5 and on the storage the front, it comes with a 1 tb difficult force. the console can be 4k ready and could encompass an optical 4k uhd Blu-ray. these specifications will certainly galvanize the video games who obsess over CPU speeds and pics fidelity. where Microsoft might need work would be on titles as maximum of the japan made video games are nevertheless to be had solely on Sony’s PS for Scorpio to definitely compete, Microsoft will want to make certain that it has a lineup of video games as remarkable as the play station four’s.

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