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Techpreneur Expo 2015 is the UK’s number one exhibition and conference for early stage and start-up technology businesses.

The tech sector is the most progressive and dynamic sector of British business and Techpreneur is here to support a variety of industries by showcasing a range of seminars, masterclasses, exhibitors and features suitable for any tech business owner actively looking to grow their business.

Receive free expert advice from industry leading speakers on all the critical issues facing your business, network with 2,000 other tech business owners and explore the magnitude of opportunity available to your business as it seeks to scale up its operation.

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for the next Techpreneur exhibition, taking place at Olympia, London on 3rd & 4th December 2015.

Start, Scale and Sell Masterclass

In this masterclass session, Bradley will be talking you through many of the key learnings from his experience of starting, growing and selling his technology business.

Bradley is a British born Tech Entrepreneur, Founder of E-Tale (acquired by ChannelAdvisor in 2014), Investor, Vegetarian, Dad, Aspiring Author & Blogger.

In 2009, and without any investment or financial backing, Bradley founded a company called E-Tale. Over a 5-year period he grew this company from his basement, to working with over 100 of the worlds leading brands in over 40 countries. These clients included Samsung, Unilever, LG, OKI, Xerox, and Hotpoint. In November 2014, Bradley and his team sold E-Tale to ChannelAdvisor, who are a US based public company. Bradley wants to share with you the key learnings from his experience, so you can expedite your own startup journey.

Timetable – Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th


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