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Ok so the HTC Hero was announced not too long ago. It was also announced that it will be running the new Andriod build of the OS. It does look really nice…however I don’t think it has enough to compete with the top two smartphones (Blackberry and the iPhone). The Blackberry DOES need a UI change but it is still a top reliable smartphone today. The iPhone does so much at this point…you can’t even argue against it. All the crap that was missing from the first two devices is now in the 3GS. The HTC Hero is going to have to make us say “HOLY S*#/!!!”. However I highly doubt that…as HTC’s newest devices have become somewhat failures and dissapointments (Touch Pro, Touch Diamond, G1, etc). Yes! The G1 is not that impressive at all. The iPhone destroys it with it’s massive amount of applications in the almighty app store. The Blackberry is too reliable and moves faster than the G1 in my opinion (compared against the Blackberry Tour, 8900, and Bold).


If you dont have an iPhone or don’t like iPhone as a phone then get an iPod Touch Second Generation. Seriously it’s one of the best gadgets to have on you at all times. I am actually writing this blog post from my iPod Touch through the official ‘WordPress’ application. WordPress has got to be the best Blogging host I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it!

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