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How to make money writing online «    »Textbroker…nevermindI haven’t been over to textbroker for a while.  There are a few reasons.#1- I’ve faxed in my w9  and  apparently they didn’t get it. Even though the fax machine said the transmission succeeded and all the other documents I sent that day,to several other companies were received just fine.  I don’t have a fax at my house so I have to drive into town,it’s 50 miles round trip so I’m not in a hurry to gather my documents,my 6 children and either A- pay $3.50 a page at mail and more or B- leave my kids in the car while I fax from a friend’s back office#2- I applied to be a 5 star writer in May of 2010. I’ve had 4 stars for a really long time.  They put out a “cattle call”for writers who had at least ten 4 star ratings. I didn’t scroll through every page,but on the front page of my history,49 out of 50 articles were rated as 4 stars (meaning that they lived up to the expected standard of quality)  Some impressed the purchasers so much that they ended up sending in direct orders,even though I raised my direct rate to above the 4 star level.In applying for five stars,I was told that it would take a while,but honestly I didn’t expect it to take 3 months.Because every member of our ial team will review your work,it may take some time.  Please continue to submit articles so that we can evaluate you in a timely manner.So what do you think. Has anyone else had trouble with their evaluation process?And what’s up with not accepting a w9 by email?  Everyone else does. There’s no logical reason to cause such a drama-of-logistics for a w9.  Honestly,it’s ridiculous.

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