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How to make money writing online I’m going to start with a caveat…and that’s that content mills are really great for beginners. Right now,I’m a little bit of a beginner again. I’m not working TOO HARD to secure private clients because I’m trying to focus on my fiction writing. That said- my fiction royalties aren’t enough to live on […]December 2nd,2016 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,,,,, |

I haven’t been over to textbroker for a while. There are a few reasons.#1- I’ve faxed in my w9 and apparently they didn’t get it. Even though the fax machine said the transmission succeeded and all the other documents I sent that day,to several other companies were received just fine. I don’t have […]August 15th,2010 | Tags:,,, | Category:, |

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