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Ever since going back to my Blackberry…my mobile world has become so much better. The Palm Pre tried to make things a lot more simple and easy. Don’t get me wrong…things become very easy. However, the whole “Synergy” thing does not work the way I would have expected it to. The phone looks great…but it is VERY FRAGILE!!! All of those hot features and one drop can cost you your entire phone. I pretty much said f*** that! I am staying with Sprint because they have the best plan values. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile..their data plans with minutes are ridiculous. $99 a month with $7 insurance for unlimited EVERYTHING. So now after all of that drama…I am back with the Blackberry Curve 8330. From this point on…I will only be using a Blackberry. I have a curve now, I will be getting the new Blackberry Tour once it is released. A year later, if a newer Blackberry comes out, I will be getting that one as well. Now people will try to tell me “What if you want to use YouTube? What if you want to play games and use a whole bunch of cool apps?”. That’s easy….I have my iPod Touch 2G for that. Oh I need WiFi? So what..I have a WiFi hotspot that I can carry around with me all the time. I get my corporate email on my iPod Touch and use Twitter through the iPod Touch. I didn’t want BES on my Blackberry due to the stupid policies they place on it. Two devices Boss Mike? Don’t you think that’s a waste these days?

Not really…because there is NO device that has all of the features you want. There probably won’t ever be that ONE device that has EVERYTHING. Carrying a Blackberry Curve and an iPhone around is no big deal.

So now….you may be asking “Boss Mike…why go for the Blackberry?”. Well I am going to recommend you the iPhone 3GS or the Blackberry. In my opinion, they are the two most dominated devices in the world. They both sold around the world as well.

iPhone 3GS – Let’s face it…the iPhone 3GS is the most attractive device that most people have seen today. It has pretty much everything. Camera, Video Camera, MMS, Full Web Browsing, YouTube, Apps, Voice Command, On-Device Video Editing, etc, etc, etc, etc,. If you didn’t care which carrier you went to and how much money you were paying…the iPhone 3GS should be your first choice. The iPhone 3GS does have it’s drawbacks though. No removable battery, no camera flash, no insurance options through carriers, no physical keyboard. Yea it should have had those things…but what can you do? At the end of the day, this device has pretty much everything you could want in a phone

Blackberry – Blackberry is the ULTIMATE messaging device on the market…PERIOD. E-Mail, SMS, MMS, BBM (Blackberry Messenger), AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, ICQ, and Windows Live Messenger. These are all pre-loaded into the device and do not require 3rd Party add ons. A Blackberry keyboard is also very comfortable to type on. Sounds can be customized for EVERY alert type in the device. It is also the most SECURE phone you will probably ever buy. It does have all of the standard media functions (camera, video camera, mp3 player, video player, etc), but it doesn’t make them look as good as an iPhone does. Honestly who cares…if your Blackberry is doing things for you fine…then there is no need to look anywhere else.

To those who own a G1, Palm Pre, Treo, or any HTC Device – You are missing out on a lot. Windows Mobile has become very old and outdated. No one has time for all the of headaches and crap Windows Mobile comes with. The G1 is a huge phone (it’s like the size of a damn VCR!). The Andriod OS looks nice but does not perform and come with features like the Blackberry or iPhone does. Treos are TOO DAMN OLD!! Get a Blackberry for those Treo users! HTC Devices…they are running Android or Windows Mobile. Both aren’t that great and can’t even compare to the Blackberry OS or the iPhone’s Mac OSX mobile.

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