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The Story

I’m Chris Henry, the founder of ®. The idea of ® came about through online gaming. As part of an online group that competed in a first person shooting game, our group would often spend countless hours playing games, talking about life, work and getting to know each other.

Through our participation in e-sports, many of us became friends. When one of our friend’s son had passed away, many of us wanted to send flowers or a thoughtful gift as away for us to express our condolences and well wishes to our online friend. We wanted to be able to let their family know they weren’t alone, and were being thought of. However, we couldn’t without disclosure of their personal information.

I quickly noticed that we could have sent them music, movies, games or gift cards, but they were inappropriate gifts. Nor were any of these items physical gifts that expressed our feelings and beautifully gift-wrapped.

It was from that experience that the concept of ® was developed. ® was made in such a way as for people, whether they be engaged in online gaming, online dating, mum’s and dad’s online support groups, using social media, colleagues or perhaps public figures and celebrities who don’t know the recipient’s personal and private details to be able to send a thoughtful gift.

® requires knowing only the recipient’s email address. The recipient doesn’t need to disclose their personal information to receive well wishes from a gift sender. So they can maintain a safe online presence while being able to interact with each other on a more personal basis.

I hope that when you use ® you share with us your stories about how you were able to connect with someone and express your feelings of affections or gratitude.

Our philosophy is to make someone’s day – wherever they are!



October 12, 2015





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