The introduction of sterilization pouches

Medical sterilization pouches(hereinafter referred to as sterilizer bags) is a new more effective and safe sterilization packaging product widely used in hospital supply room, operating room, dental department for sterilization and storage of medical packaging.


First, the structure principle:


The sterilization pouches is composed of a layer of medical dialysis paper resistant to high temperature and high pressure steam and a layer of high temperature resistant transparent composite film. The transparent film layer of the sterilization pouches is a dialysis window surface and is gas-tight; the steam-resistant paper layer allows steam to pass through, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilizing the medical instruments and articles therein. The outside of the paper can be printed with steam high temperature steam, ETO ethylene oxide sterilization color indication and other information.


Second, product features:


  1. Safe and effective: The self seal sterilization pouches is composed of a special paper and a multi-layer composite film. The paper surface diameter is less than 35 nm. It is a good barrier for microbial bacteria and dust, ensuring safe storage after sterilization, and greatly increasing the storage time. Reduce the number of repeated sterilizations, save a lot of manpower and material resources, and improve work efficiency.


2, easy to manage: classify the package or implement a patient package, which is good for controlling hospital infection; transparent window makes the device in the package clear at a glance, which is convenient for effective management of the device.


  1. Anti-water vapor resistance: The medical dialysis paper used in the sterilization pouches has good water vapor resistance and can withstand the dripping test of 8-10 seconds. The paper and film surface have high strength and toughness, and can withstand the punctuation force of sharp instruments.


  1. Specifications: sterilized zip lock bag with double-sided adhesive self-adhesive buckle and (2.5-40 cm) wide *200 m long roll-shaped tube bag.


Third, the method of use


  1. Put clean and dry medical equipment and articles into the sterilization bag.


  1. Remove the double-sided tape on the open tongue, close the bag mouth (seal bag), or close the bag mouth (rolled tube bag) with a hot press sealer.


  1. The sterilization pouches and the medical device during the period are placed in the pressure STEAM steam sterilization equipment or ETO ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, and sterilized according to the conventional method.


  1. Mark the sterilization time, content and use information, and confirm that the sterilization process indicator has changed color.


  1. Place it in a dry, dark, clean place for use.


  1. When you need to use, tear open the sterilization bag, take out the medical equipment and articles inside, and use it. At this point the device item is sterile.


Fourth, Suitable for sterilization


The sterilization method and post-sterilization treatment should be strictly in accordance with relevant regulations.


  1. The sterilizing condition of the sterilizing bag for the downrow pressure steam sterilizer is 102.9kpa, the temperature reaches 121℃, the sterilizing time is 30 minutes, and biological monitoring is conducted regularly.


  1. The sterilizing condition of the sterilizing bag for the pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is 205.8kpa, the temperature reaches 134℃, the sterilizing time is 4 minutes, and biological monitoring is conducted regularly.


  1. Sterilizing bag is also suitable for the sterilizing method of ETO epoxy ethane. Or other sterilizing packaging materials can be selected.


  1. Sterilizing bag is not suitable for dry heat sterilization.


Fifth, the use of recommendations:


  1. Stored in a qualified environment after standard sterilization. At the appropriate temperature, humidity and cleanliness, the sterilized equipment items stored in the sterilization pouches are recommended to be used within 6 months after STEAM high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization. After sterilization with ETO ethylene oxide, it is recommended to use it within 24 months.


  1. Check the integrity of the sterilization pouches before use. Do not use if it is damaged.


  1. The shelf life of the sterilization pouches is three years.

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