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So now the Palm Pre has been released over the weekend. I’m going to say…….I love the Palm Pre. My opinions are not biased because I have owned an iPhone, a Blackberry, HTC devices, etc. The Palm Pre does everything I need it to do. I’m not looking for a phone to have EVERYTHING. If a phone had EVERYTHING then there would be no need to get another phone. i like to anticipate NEW things in the future. A Blackberry is not for me because I need access to my older emails. Blackberrys only get you new e-mails ONLY. Windows Mobile phones are getting worse and worse. Hopefully the Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 bring good things to the Windows Mobile table. The iPhone really IS NOT for me. I need a physical QWERTY keyboard. I also need INSURANCE on my phone! Something the iPhone does NOT have. The Palm Pre is a balance of all of those devices in my opinion. I highly recommend the Palm Pre to those who want a simple phone that does E-Mail, SMS, MMS, IM, Navigation, TV, YouTube, and Web Browsing.

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