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The message that HTC launched in invitation refers, the A9 or A9 One of HTC is rumored to global technology much more advanced than the Nexus was announced simultaneously

Recently, HTC has sent the first invitation related to the event announced the handset from its new generation coming on June 29/09. Accordingly, the Taiwanese manufacturer will choose the country of Japan is the destination for blockbuster smartphone unveiled above.

Also, the date also coincides with the 29/09 Google announced Nexus 5X multiple pairs produced by both LG and Huawei. As known, the message that HTC launched in invitation is “The World Best Meets The Best” – roughly translated as “high mountain alpine longer than”.

This implies, the A9 or A9 One of HTC is rumored to global technology much more advanced than the Nexus was announced simultaneously. But according to his statements at the conference CEO Cher Wang of HTC previous shareholder, will have a completely new high-end smartphones was developed and launched in time

next, to change the business situation of Taiwanese manufacturers.

HTC event invitation

Basically, from androidauthority sources said, HTC One A9 will possess advanced configuration and design a completely new, successor series of blockbuster “dismount” this year as One M9 and M9 Plus One. ..

Because after almost 2 years stays design language of flow One hit, it seems HTC has acknowledged that its weaknesses, the design too familiar not create freshness. Accordingly, the HTC One smartphones A9 will belong super new, totally different styles before.

According to the previously leaked information, the HTC mega screens will be equipped with Quad HD resolution (1,440 x 2,560 pixels) for sharp images, experience the spacious, comfortable, protected by 2,5 D glass surface, can be Gorilla Glass 4.

Also, HTC One A9 is expected to focus heavily on the features of the camera follows, integrated technology OIS image stabilization, RAW image format support and not exclude the possibility of increasing the aperture of the lens up to f / 1.9, similar to the LG and Samsung productions of today.

HTC One A9 Ideas

In particular, the source claims, HTC One A9 will only use core chipset from MediaTek 10 is Helio X20 instead integrated processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as speculation. By following overheating incidents related to the One M9, MediaTek will most likely be the main partner of HTC in this deal.

Furthermore, can the HTC One A9 from 3 or 4GB of RAM, to run configuration with contemporary productions. By following rather gloomy time on the mobile market, HTC really needs a boost led users to the company’s Aero.

Finally, the information is also noteworthy, is the price of this blockbuster. PhoneArena page reveal, maybe, author of One A9 sale will fluctuate around 500 – 600 USD

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