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In the current economy, the decisions you make in regards to your career have to be carefully calculated so that you are able to find a rewarding career. Online schools make the process of securing a profitable future much easier and if you’re currently juggling bills and a full-time job, online college can be the perfect step towards pursuing that overdue career change. Below are the top 3 careers that are in demand for 2013 along with information that will hopefully inspire you to get your online degree!

– Responsibilities that registered nurses take on are making sure that patients and relatives are receiving medical support as well as information in regards to their patients’ wellbeing. Registered nurses are able to find jobs in hospitals, doctor offices, as well as home healthcare services. Salary wages for a registered nurse range from $62,000 to 90,000.

– This career deals with examining financial documents as well as preparing financial documents that a business entity or customers need. Accountants work to have all financial documents reviewed and done by their specified deadlines. Many accountants can work in an office environment or choose to have their business run from home. Salaries for this career can vary from $35,500 to $60,048. Keep in mind, a career in accountant can definitely win you a higher salary especially if you’ve accumulated years of experience.

– A career in computer and information systems involves implementing computer programs that will help a business evolve and have a positive impact on the company. IT Directors (as they are sometimes called) meet with department directors to inform top executives their ideas on how to enhance their business technology. This lucrative career demonstrates a salary range of $57,000 to $172,000.

Finding the right career for you takes some careful thought and planning, especially if you’re planning on going back to school. Make sure to do your re and that your final decision feels right for you. Visit

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