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Best 4K TV 2014, After High Definition and 4 Dimension, the likes of LG, Samsung, Sony and Sharp are amongst the makers presently leading the revolution of 4K TV.

Promising more pixels and higher resolution compared to Full HD and 2D, Ultra HD or 4K can provide detailed and sharper images, making it ideal for wildlife documentaries, sport and watching movies. 4K even enhances the immersive 3 dimensional viewing experience. Below are the

and a best Christmas gift for your loved ones.

The  from Sony is a carefully intoxicating model of leading edge ultra HD technology. The UHD picture quality that has native content shows a detail and depth that is beguiling. The 2160p up scaling talents are excellent. You could be sure that this will make the existing TV favorites will look good that they have done before. The Active Shutter 3 Dimensional performance is remarkable. The HEVC provision decoding as well as the HDMI 2.0 makes sure a degree of future proofing, essential as Ultra HD standard keep in a condition of flux. As a whole it is a real show-stopper. ***  at Amazon ***

Having over 8,000,000,000 pixels compare to two million available in previous models this assists passive or 3D Cinema systems vastly. Samsung is a company which is stuck stubbornly to this rapidly unpopular technology, however the 4K TV from Samsung proves that it is not lost loyalty, this is in relation to cracking visual density compared to the passive 3 dimensional Television, a commencing level of additional resolution as well as detail. Native Ultra HD content looks amazing, while the up scaled High Definition looks clean and clean. Even if it utilizes a standard edge lighting system, Samsung UN55HU8550 also boasts dimming technology for great contrast. The

is the slimmest Ultra HD available and has the most excellent smart TV platform. ***  at Amazon ***

is one of the best 4K TVs available on the market today. It comes with essential features such as LED edge lit with local dimming, 120 and 240Hz with IPS panel, 1500 ultra clarity index. Smart functionality and comes with magic remote. LG 4K TV makes it simple to connect to top content from Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu Plus. ***  at Amazon ***

Experience the advancement of HD with the remarkable LG 4K TV. With an improved resolution of four times the pixel number of High Definition, each show, game, sport and movie looks richer, clearer as well as livelier than before. LG 4K High Definition engine means you can experience that clearer pleasure today utilizing 4 step procedure which up scales the resolution of all content to Ultra HD.

With image quality this grand 4K, you will want audio which can complete the immersive experience making it perfect Christmas gifts to your wife or loved ones. With its exceptional sliding sound bar which boasts a 4.1 speaker which could be set off when watching action packed sports and movies. ***  at Amazon ***

With 4X the pixel resolution of High Definition, the whole thing you see on the 4K certified Aquos UHD TV is 4 times sharper and realistic. It is not only amazing, it is certified amazing. ***  at Amazon ***

Listed above are the

available. For 4k tv enthusiasts, this is a good Christmas gifts to consider.



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