Top 5 Best File Manager apps for Android Download Free

Top 5 Best File Manager apps for Android Download Free

File manager apps for Android One of the biggest difference between Android and iOS devices that Android allows users to access the files stored conveniently. Transferring files between smartphones, PC, tablets and laptops is very simple as compared to iOS devices. You just have to plug-in your device using USB cable and manage files using your windows file explorer. You can also easily manage files from your Android smartphone and tablets. By default Android devices comes with a file manager which fulfills the basic tasks of normal user. You can move , delete or copy any data you want using default file manager.

But what if you want some advanced features in your file manager. Answer is use of third-party file manager apps for Android which are available on Google play Store. These third-party file manager apps for android have features like download manager, compress files, hide files, integration with various cloud services etc. In this article we are listing some best file manager apps for android.

List of 5 Best file Manger apps for Android

This is most popular file manager for Android with best user interface that an Android file manager can offer. It is completely free of cost and has a lot of features which includes root access. It is a multi-functionality app which offers file manager, download manager, system manager, remote manager, root explorer and many other features.

ES file Explorer also supports cloud services, like Dropbox, Box, onedrive, Google Drive etc. You can back your files on cloud and sync among all your mobile devices. One of the great advantage of using this app is it is totally ads free. You can also add exciting themes to some of its features in the UI.

X-Plore file manager has a dual pane which allows users to see two folders at a time. This features makes copy or move task easy and quick. This file manager also supports cloud management, root support and Wi-Fi file management. You can also view apk files as zip files. It is a free app but some features are unlockable via in app purchases.

Astro file manager is one of the best file manager available for android smartphones and tablets. It is optimized for tablets Astro file manager also let you manage files that you have stored in various colud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Onedrive etc. Astro file manager also includes built-in image viewer to open images, PDF and also has text viewer. There are many other benefits of using this app like app backup, app manager,networking, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip Files, download manager, thumbnails, search files, task manager, attachments, and more.

This is most useful, simple and intuitive file manager app for android. This is first multi panel file explorer which has drag and drop interface. This app includes in-built music player, Animated GIF viewer, Pictures viewer, TIFF viewer, Zip/Rar viewer,APK viewer. Some useful features of AntTek Explorer Ex are Configurable dual panels view for large screen, Quick browsing with bookmarks and shortcuts, Internal viewers for apk, zip, image, text files.

Similarly to X-plore file manager Ghost commander also has dual-panel file manager which will let you to manage your files locally or remotely as well as tweak your system in the root mode. This file manager also allows you to change the file permission and even execute own shell commands(only root mode) Like other file manager app for android it also supports cloud management. Some main features of this app are text and picture viewers, sends files via email, Bluetooth, favorite shortcuts for folders and locations. Ghost Commander is totally free of ads. You can donate to developer to support his work.

So these are the 5 best file manager apps for Android you can download free. If you are using any other file manager which is better and meets your requirements, you can mention it by commenting below. Also share your views about these file manager apps for android in the comment section below. If you found this page helpful then don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social site.

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