Top 5 best iFunbox tips & tricks for iphone | ios.

Top 5 best iFunbox tips & tricks for iphone.


Best iFunbox tips iFunbox is a very useful software for the iPhone users who want greater freedom with their device. For the uninitiated, iFunbox is a file manager for the Apple devices. There are a lot of things you can do with iFunbox that your iPhone doesn’t support natively. Here are the best iFunbox tips and tricks that will help you make the best out of your iPhone.

Best iFunbox tips and tricks for iphone:

Install Apps to iPhone from IPA Packages

Unlike Android, it is not at all easy to install apps on an iPhone from sources other than the official app store. But the iFunboxapp for PC makes it fairly easy to install iOS apps in the form of *.ipa files to your iPhone. The process of installing is quite simple and you don’t even need to jailbreak your device to install them. A couple of simple steps are to be followed and any app can be installed using the iFunbox. Just drag and drop the *.ipa file into the iFunbox app while the iPhone is connected to the PC and click install, and you are done. It is one of the most useful iFunbox tips.

Import and Export Media Files

Importing and exporting files from and to you iPhone was never so easy. Now, using the iFunbox app, you will be able to transfer any kind of file, including the media files between your iPhone and your PC. The Quick Toolbox in the iFunbox app gives you an option to choose the desired operation to be performed. Using these iFunbox tricks you make the movement of file between an Apple device and a Windows PC a lot easier. The Toolbox also gives you advanced options like SSH Terminal, SSH Password and USB Tunnel, but they should be accessed only if you are an expert and have the knowhow of the options.

Use Your iPhone as a USB Flash Drive

Now that’s a pretty cool thing. You can utilize the blank space of your iPhone to store other files. iFunbox makes it possible for you to use your iPhone as a USB flash drive. Your device will function just like a normal flash drive, but the transfer speeds will be much faster than the traditional drive. You just need to access the ‘General Storage’ section on the left pane, and you can store any kind of file. The only requirement is that the files named with international characters and sized larger that 2GB are supported by iFunbox. Such iFunbox tips make your iPhone even more productive.

Access to the App Sandbox

Accept it or not, iOS provides very restricted access for in-depth data management. Unlike Android, you can’t access the app data and change it according to your need. iOS apps store their data, like user account information, in-app purchases, chat history, saved games etc., in the App Sandbox, which the user is not allowed to access. But with iFunbox, you can have access to the App Sandbox and change the information and data stored there. You can choose which files need to be stored and which aren’t, and those can be deleted accordingly.

Look into the iOS File System

Just like the App Sandbox, the iOS doesn’t give you access to the file system of your phone. If you want to access the files like images, videos, documents, music, etc., then you have to go to their respective apps to access them. But anymore, because it is now possible to go deep inside your file system using iFunbox, and that too without the need to root or jailbreak your device. You can quick search any file, configure system files, diagnose any issues, and many other such tasks. All you need is iFunbox!

Being a restricted OS, iOS does not let you perform certain tasks, which are quite normal for the Android users. You can use these iFunbox tricks to fully utilize your iPhone and any other iOS device.

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>> If you want to access the files like images, videos, documents, music, etc., then you have to go to their respective apps to access them.

ishabh, how can you go to each app? Is it possible to do it with ifunbox?

I’m clicking all options and there’s no way to go inside any app at the moment…

I’m on the latest ifunbox, and with ipad 3 (ios 9.2.1)

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