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Top 5 Must-have Laptops to be included in Your Tech Gifts List


include the Apple MacBook Pro 2014, Alienware 17, Dell Latitude E7440, Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014, and MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 3K. These are one of the best tech gifts that you must consider in your list when having great laptop deals.

is still reigning in the market and is always one of the

with its solid unibody chassis and slimmed-down form factor. Its unchanging product design is yet to excite customers. This laptop’s display comes in a dramatic 2,880 by 1,800 pixel images with great viewing angles and consistent color accuracy. ***  at Amazon ***

This 17 inches laptop joins incredible graphics and powerful performance into a revolutionary design that is perfect for immersive gaming. It is available with Windows 8 for a smooth yet versatile PC experience. Angled side and front walls give the Alienware 17 an elite look. This laptop is designed with a rear CPU/GPU exhaust vent for maximum performance to handle heat generated inside the system. ***  at Amazon ***

The new Dell 14” features a slim design made with premium materials and wireless docking. This 14” touchscreen display with beautiful design helps you run a smooth business. It offers an optimal viewing experience, brightness, touch sensitivity, and durability. Beauty, strength, and confidence are the three things that make the

a great partner for you in business. It only weighs 3.6 pounds with a three-cell battery and comes customary with sleek, soft-touch finishes, durable aluminum, and a powder-coated base. ***  at Amazon ***

This laptop is super thin and light for a device with full HD touchscreen, updated processors, and longer battery life. It also features an enhanced audio setup with a built-in digital-to-analog converter that will allow you to play back sound in studio-quality audio formats. The

is 15 inches Ultrabook, a fine product in a thin and light design featuring matchless audio quality. It offers both superior quality and cool performance. ***  at Amazon ***


gives a midrange gaming unit that will bring tremendous gaming pleasures for you with several small touches that is sure to delight you. Customizable backlighting, gaming upright with anti-ghosting, slim and light design with durable aluminum structure is what this laptop is all about. It has nearly everything you would wish from an ultraportable gaming laptop with solid performance and high-resolution display. ***  at Amazon ***

These are just a few choices for your laptop deals. They may come in different brands, but you can have every astounding feature in each laptop. You just have to choose what’s best for you and for your convenient use. Making your own choice from these best laptops 2014 can be tough, but they are all a must-have whether for your business or gaming pleasures. Do not be taunted by those high end PC features that aren’t always true. Always check for excellent features that are tried and already tested by your friends. You should always ask for recommendations so that you will not be deceived by the different offers in the market.



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