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Top 5 PS4 Games You Should Not Miss

Best PS4 Games 2014, Are you experiencing great difficulty thinking of the best Christmas gifts that you can give to your children this Christmas season? Well, worry-free now! There are already different types of PS4 games that can serve as one of your excellent and memorable gifts to them. These games are regarded to be one of the most thrilling and challenging types of game that will arouse critical thinking and decision of players just to win the game.

As of today, there are

that you should not miss to let your children play. To give you an idea about these

which are already out in the market, here are the lists of the top 5 PS4 games you should not miss:

This is one of the most exciting and challenging PS4 games that is primarily developed by Ubisoft Montreal and will be published by Ubisoft. This is already the seventh installments in the Assassin Creed series and the successor of the 2013’s Assassin Creed IV. This game is set within Paris specifically during French Revolution. This game always retains to have the third person type of exploration in the open world along with the introduction of the enhanced stealth system and melee combat.

proudly presents cooperative multiplayer that allows four players of the game to get in touch with a narrative driven type of missions and eventually explore the map of the open world. ***  at Amazon ***

is regarded to be an association football simulation type of PS4 games that is published by the Electronic arts and developed by the EA Canada. This is a football game which comprises beautiful physics and amazing graphics with unparalleled control. This game has also its superior graphics which is completely packed with huge numbers of football leagues, players and teams whom you are going to work with the entire FIFA 15 game. ***  at Amazon ***

This game blends game play and storytelling in its newest and the most challenging ways wherein players are repeatedly jumping in and out of the three lead characters life who are playing the in the interwoven story of the game. All types of classic hallmarks in this particular game series include incredible attention in detail. This also offers darkly humorous modern cultures along with an ambitious approach that challenges the players. ***  at Amazon ***

This is an improved version of the previous last of us games. This is an action adventure at the same time survival horror video game wherein the players are controlling the Joel and escorts Young Ellie which is the main characters in the game. The players uses improvised weapon, stealth at the same time firearms in order to defend themselves against zombie creatures and hostile humans which are mutated by the Cordyceps fungus. ***  at Amazon ***


is an action adventure at the same time first person shooter type of PS4 games. This is a sequel of the 2012 video game which is the Far Cry 3. The single player of the game will follow Ajay Ghale which is a Nepalese heading towards Kyrat.  Once he was already there, he was caught in the civil war and the people struggled to self-appointed Pegan Min to be the king. The main characters in this game are the country’s natives where the game was also take place. ***  at Amazon ***

What are you waiting for?

are out now and don’t lose the chance of having any of these 5 PS4 games for your children. You are certain that you can uphold a great entertainment of your children with these games.

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