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Top 5 Smartphone Options to Giveaway as Gifts

Best Smartphone 2014, People are now considered as tech savvies who would try getting the top selling tech items in the market just to experience its function or just get a new item to add in their collection. If you are one of these people or planning to give a gadget as a gift this holiday season, then you might be interested with learning the list of the tech items included in the best Smartphone 2014. You are sure to get the best selection of Smartphones suitable for you or your friend’s needs.

There are many options of Smartphone for sale this holiday season and getting to know the top ones that you can choose from is sure to give you some hints of what item is perfect to purchase.

Specification highlights of this Smartphone are definitely awesome. It has both 3G and 4G LTE connectivity, Android KitKat with the HTC Sense, 5” display and 2.3Ghz Qualcomm-Snapdragon quadcore. The product is also equipped with 5mp front camera that allows anyone to take stunning photos and videos. Overall, it has a premium design that anyone would love as their tech gifts. ***  at Amazon ***

The recent version from Apple with a 4” retina display, ID fingerprint touch sensor, A7 chip with the M7 coprocessor and 8mp iSight camera equipped with true tone flash. Its processor is faster than the usual Apple processors used from its predecessors and cameras are now improved with higher resolution. The improvements are definitely worth trying. ***  at Amazon ***

Another offer from the Samsung family is the Galaxy S5 which has a 5.1” super AMOLED display, Exyon quad core, a 16mp camera and an LED flash and of course a 16GB internal memory. All of these features are sure to make anyone receiving it as a gift overjoyed and grateful for the giver. ***  at Amazon ***

A lighter and slimmer design with a précised built made from high quality materials; these are what LG Nexus 5 has to offer you. The speed allows you to switch between different apps with a slide of your finger and its power is also improved to always keep you connected for a long time. It also has an impressive 5” display that provides enough room for your needs with better color contrast. Truly, a product you won’t regret giving as a gift. ***  at Amazon ***

Among the

is the Huawei Ascend Mate2, which is equipped with improved battery life that can last for 48 hours, 5mp front camera that is wide angled and a 6.1” HD screen for reading documents, playing games, watching movies and doing whatever you want conveniently. It is definitely one of the best gifts to give for tech savvy people. ***  at Amazon ***

With all of the best choices included in the best Smartphone 2014 list, you and other people are assured that you can find the best item that would suit your preferences. Check out the features and get to know which of the items are perfect as a tech gift for yourself or someone special.



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