Top 5 STEM Careers of INTP Personality Types

Many students today are using every tool at their disposal to choose a career path that is suitable for them, and one of these tools is the Myers-Briggs personality test, which categorizes people into 16 different personality types. One of the rarest of these personalities is introversion-intuition-thinking-perceiving (INTP), which is characterized by a need for logical explanations to the universe and the situations within it. These people put a great deal of energy into abstract, theoretical ideas, and they are often skeptical, critical and analytical.

One of the categories of jobs that best fits INTP personalities is science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and following are the top five STEM careers for INTP personality types.

1. Astronomer

Astronomy and astrophysics are among the top STEM careers for INTP personalities. This field allows such people to explore logical explanations for the formation and interaction of heavenly bodies, such as planets, stars, galaxies, comets and supernovas. Much of what we know about the nature of the physical universe is theoretical, and career astronomers will have chances to formulate theories of their own.

In fact, this is the primary duty of astronomers as they attempt to explain the natural world and the rules by which it operates. Becoming an astronomer usually means obtaining a Ph.D. in astronomy or physics, so this career path is only for determined students.

2. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineering is perfect for INTP personalities, because it combines several sciences into a single career, which requires well-developed analytical skills, math skills and creativity. A biomedical engineer uses the principles of medicine, biology, engineering and computer technology to design equipment and technological systems for the benefit of improved human health.

Examples of such devices and equipment include artificial organs, replacement body parts, diagnostic machines and healthcare software. Entry-level jobs in biomedical engineering require a high-school diploma with a science concentration and a Bachelor of Science degree in the field.

3. Computer Programmer

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Nearly everything is run through computers now, and programmers are always needed to code the instructions that tell them what to do and when. Computer programming is a great career for INTP personalities because it requires extraordinary skills to understand and analyze complex sets of instructions and concentrate on minute details for long periods of time.

Computer programming is a very dynamic occupation because there are so many different computer languages and so many different systems that need new or updated code. Even though computer programmers are not known for being social powerhouses, they do, however, still need to be able to communicate to developers, engineers and support personnel.

4. Mathematician

Mathematics, like astronomy and physics, is one of the most fitting options for anyone with an INTP personality type who would like a career in a STEM field. This is because most of mathematics is theoretical and requires those in the field to develop new theories, rules and concepts that can be used in geometry, algebra or other mathematical disciplines.

However, other mathematicians use specialized techniques to develop ways to solve practical mathematical problems and work closely with other fields, including chemistry, industrial design and engineering. Entry-level work in this career requires a master’s degree and receiving a promotion often depends upon earning a Ph.D. However, it is possible to find work at a graduate school while earning an advanced degree.

5. Physician

While physician is not the best career for an INTP personality, it is a popular choice because demand is incredibly high, the pay is well above average and the career offers a high degree of social prestige. The most difficult part about being a doctor for most INTP personalities is communicating with patients, but this can be learned and practiced until any personality deficits are overcome.

As most people know, physicians diagnose and treat the sick and injured. This entails interpreting diagnostic data, counseling patients, prescribing medications and managing disease. A few of the specialties to look at in this career track include anesthesiology, surgery, radiology and pathology.

The above STEM careers are the top five for those who are categorized as INTP by the Myers-Briggs test, but several more options are available both inside and outside the STEM track. Ball State University has published a comprehensive list of interesting and profitable career options for INTP personalities that can be very helpful in planning your future.

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