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2014 Top 5 Xbox One Games are Amazing

Best Xbox One Games 2014, Those people who are searching for the best Christmas gifts to offer to their family members and friends this coming season of giving should not hesitate to check the . Such items can provide real entertainment and maximum satisfaction to those individuals who love to play excellent video games in their

during their vacant schedules and holiday vacation. The five best video games for Xbox one this year that people can purchase while aiming to make their family members and friends happy on Christmas day are the following:

This is one of the new Xbox one games in the online market nowadays that parents can use as special Christmas gifts for their children this coming month of December. It’s an excellent multiplayer video game which has to be provided with an Xbox Live Gold Membership to make sure that it will function smoothly at all times. There’s nothing to worry about its size since it needs only 20GB HHD space on an Xbox one. ***  at Amazon ***

This is an upgraded version of the old role-playing video game which was entitled Diablo III. It has new game consoles and more exciting game modes that can provide maximum satisfaction to all gamers who love great adventures and challenging missions where several mysteries and amazing treasures are available. The heroes in this video game can be upgraded from time to time. ***  at Amazon ***

Basketball enthusiasts will surely like this new version of NBA 2K series. It’s far better than the NBA 2K14 and it embodies that current status of NBA as the largest and most popular basketball league in this world. It has an improved player AI that can provide gamers with a more realistic basketball experience in their Xbox one. It’s an excellent video game where gamers can compete with one another through the online gaming mode. ***  at Amazon ***

Great adventure and tough challenges are now available in the new version of Destiny for Xbox one users. The video game has a multiplayer mode where gamers can form a group of fighters that are required to defeat the powerful foes in its story. Several kinds of customizable weapons and special bonuses are available in the different stages of this video game which makes it more enjoyable to use. It’s an excellent product that was created by Activision. ***  at Amazon ***

This is included in the list of the best video games that Activision can share to all online gamers who love to play action games during their vacant schedules and rest days. The platform of the video game embodies a picture of an advanced world where powerful soldiers and advanced warfare weapons are available. It comes with a special upgrade bonus which can be used to upgrade the old versions of the game to the new Day Zero edition. ***  at Amazon ***

It’s easy to gain the most enjoyable video games to use in this world nowadays by checking the collection of the new . Such items are very useful when it comes to process of providing excellent Christmas gifts for gamers.



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