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have to find the trajectory of events in the past to make predictions for the future. Now to work out what digital technology shape take next year, the major developments of 2016 will help us to find the shape of development. The past year’s developments point to a 2017 shaped by the next phase of virtual and augmented reality, the discovery of artificial intelligence create “personalized digital assistants” that follow us across the devices.

Over the year of 2016 one technology in particular has dominated the news and made everyone’s birthday dream list that is virtual reality.

In 2016 VR begun to boom in commercial market with-HTC, Oculus and PlayStation all releasing their latest headsets.

Is 2017 giving the precarious position on the “hype cycle”? it will be a pivotal year for VR.

This is a research method for predicting commercial dominance trick of newly invented technologies as it goes mature through periods of increasing hype, sudden famously and eventual success by illuming people. After disillusionment presently VR is on a little “peak of inflated expectations”, where the hype exceeds the reality and quality comes second to novelty.

As consumers realize the gap between what they expect and what they actually get an inevitable fall in the hype cycle model and the peak of excitement is also fall down trough of disillusionment.

For some this will be a gentle dip, while for others the drop will be a portent to collapse where the opinion is divided on VR.

Now the million dollar question is whether the consumer reaction to the VR games and applications currently being released opinions is will be the wrath of disillusionment or the mercy of patience? The more faithful word is that mobile phone-based VR platforms with their greater ease of use, lower cost and wider range of games and applications will a bit of success to stabilize VR in every phase of 2017.

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Augmented success is not the same as stability. For being primarily entertaining apple consumer appeal VR also has the problem limited largely to games and 360-degree videos.

It has relatively little impact on social or functional applications like creating interface for social media.

The same cannot be said for its more multi-functionality but currently less well-known cousin, augmented reality. AR – with additional graphics or information which involves overlaying images of the real world has enjoyed much success of late as a gaming platform, particularly thanks to the release of Pokémon Go.

VR is an ideal delivery mechanism for limitless forms of digital information prevent of AR functionality already goes beyond games.

Included concept heads-up displays attached to cyclists’ helmets and that provides them a 360-degree field view and also alerts them to potential dangers by tracking overtaking vehicles.

But application like visual overlays is able to redecorate virtually without making a single mistake of paint.

However it’s potential to give us a new and improved means of accessing content and services already cannot do without and this is the real fact of AR future.

Like Microsoft HoloLense and Google Glass have focused to check our emails, posting on Facebook and discovering the best route to our meeting place across town, with all content delivered straight to our eyes 2017 could see us using AR for the same.

Not a single aversion of our gaze or break in our stride required.

Currently investment in the sector is advances in relevant underlying technologies such as depth-sensing camera lenses and physical environment mapping systems. The industry is readying hardware to ensure these exciting ideas can materialize assuming that’s the idea of it. Being they are expectation for something unattainable possibilities, depending on whether the underlying technology can make them a reality, it doesn’t mean that all ambitions of AR will be realized in 2017.

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In the other sectors we are likely to see some fascinating research developments moving into commercial applications is artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the applications the connection of millions of ordinary devices, from cameras to kettles, to the internet there is high probability to dominate 2017 which is called the Internet of Things.

A strong feeling of wanting to have made the concept of the Internet of Things champions, for constant connection, we use every day all linked together with the physical objects in a glorious chain.

2017 could be the year we’ll all be telling our telling our barista coffee machine at home to prepare us a chocolate fudge Café Cubano from five miles away, by using a bespoke interface in our car as we’re driving home.

Or maybe not! But the data of interconnectivity is already reaching the destination of artificial intelligence with Cloud Robotics.

These systems allow robots that have been optimized for different tasks to work on specific problems individually,

But it has to pass the solutions between each other.

The robots are using the cloud to share the data enabling it to be analyzed by any other robot or intelligence system also connected to the same network.

One robot teaches something to another, who in turn develops it and passes it forward in a collaborative effort that, could be massively increase the learning potential and connectivity of the machines.

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All of these trends come together for our final 2017 prediction. The innovation has raised the humanized digital technology in the form of intelligent personal assistants. The meaning of this technology is everyday life will be much easier as faster these are the personal assist data hubs. They use advanced artificial intelligence to capture and interpret our data, the Internet of Things to operate everything around us, and the advances in augmented reality to project themselves convincingly into our mobile world.

This will provide a single, naturalistic interface between us and our digitally connected universe. This is the repeated step as like Siri, Cortana and Alexa. An intelligent assistant that can able to travel with us wherever we go what device we are used to assist us in nearly every aspect of our lives.

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