Top 5 Trusted Ways to Earn Money Online In India

Top 5 Trusted Ways to Earn Money Online In India



Published January 8, 2016

· Updated March 12, 2016

On the internet, you will find thousands of make money online type articles. But most of them will trap you, and you will get nothing. They will show attractive offers like ” make 8000 Rs per day “, or something like that. But in real you will get nothing. A lot of my friends and followers ask me How to make money online in India. So here I  have sorted out best 5 trusted ways to earn money online in India with a little or no investment. These make money methods will also work in other countries as well.

Just choose your earn money method and give daily 1 to 2 hours. If you work in these practices seriously then you can earn more than that you will receive with your 9 to 5 job. Once you get command over them, then you can make a huge amount of money online by working few hours at your home.

Initially, you may feel that these methods are very laborious and complicated. You may think that you can’t do it. But trust me once you explore these methods and get experience. Then you would make hell amount of money on the internet. And people would follow you.

Top 5 Trusted Ways to Earn Money Online In India

Do you know, you can also earn by uploading interesting and good quality videos on Youtube. All you have to do is start a

channel. Just go to Youtube, sign in with your Gmail account. Create a Youtube channel on a particular topic such as technology stuff, blogging Tutorials, Mobile reviews or may be entertainment videos, anything you like.

Now upload 15 to 20 good quality and original videos on Youtube. Share you video with friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. When you get a good number of views on videos, then go to Google  .  Signup for Adsense publisher account for your youtube channel. Google will check your youtube channel. After verification just place ads on your videos. Whenever anybody watch ads or click on them, you will earn money.

Just upload good quality videos regularly. This way you will get a good number of subscribers. Which in return will increase your ads views and your earnings too?

Few years back blogging people do blogging just for fun and hobby. But now blogging has become a stable platform to earn money online. Many peoples have left their job and started full-time blogging, and they are earning huge amount of cash. But don’t worry you don’t have to left your job for blogging. You have to give only 1 to 2 hours daily to blog posts. Within 2 to 3  months you would have a lot of articles on your site.

Now apply for Adsense as done in Youtube case. When your account get approved by Google, then show ads on your blog. You will earn money for each click on ads and also for ads impressions. Keep posting fresh and new articles regularly on your site. As time spent, your traffic and revenue will increase. Within 3 to 4 months you will start earning 5000 to 10000 per month or may be more depending on your skills.

If you are new to blogging, then you can start a free blog on   or . But on free blogs, you will get limited options. But free blogs are good to learn blogging. But if you know how to blog and want to move further then you can start with self-hosted WordPress site. You have to buy a domain and web hosting for your site. Site hosting and domain will cost you around 2000 to 5000 for one year.

If you want to start your website, then we can help you in setting it up from scratch. Using our special coupons you can begin your site at just 1000Rs for 1 Year.

In simple words in Affiliate marketing a user promote specific products. When someone buys that product, he will get the commission. Suppose you are Flipkart affiliate program member. Your friend wants to buy mobile on Flipkart. But if he buys mobile by your affiliate link you will get around 2 to 5% commission on the sale price of mobile. This is how you can make money online in India by affiliate marketing.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart has its direct affiliate program. To become a member of Flipkart affiliate program, you need a blog or site. Just create a free blog on WordPress or Blogger. Write some posts on your blog. Now apply for . Within 2-3 days you will get approval. Now whenever anybody buys on Flipkart using your affiliate link, you will get a share of that sale.

Other Affiliate Programs

This way you can also apply for . Amazon affiliate program also works like Flipkart program. Amazon Affiliate program is the biggest affiliate program all over the world.

There are also other affiliate programs. But for most of them, you will need a site or blog with a good amount of traffic. If you already have a site with high traffic, you can also apply for Myntra, eBay, Snapdeal and Jabong affiliate programs.

But if you don’t want to use for these affiliate programs separately. Then you can also join . Cuelinks is an Indian Affiliate programs junction. You will find affiliate links to all the companies that have an affiliate program in India. But whatever you earn will be divided as 70% yours and 30% of Cuelinks.

Are you a programmer? Then this method is for you. If you are in cs or it branch or you know programming, then you may create Android applications. Just create a high-quality applications and games. Upload your applications to Google play store and sign up for . When people click on ads shown on your app, you will get paid.

Moreover, by creating Android applications, you will get the core and practical knowledge of your subject. Which will also help you in better job placement. Create an application that people will love to use and use it again and again. Also, share your application with all your friends,  family, and relatives. By proper promotion, you can get huge no of downloads. This way you can also earn money online in India and other countries as well without investment.

Everday a lot of new apps are launched on play store. All these new apps need promotion. So they offer . Under referral program, you have to share your referral link with your friends. When your friend installs that app by your referral link, you get paid. This is the easiest way to earn money online in India with no technical knowledge and no investment. All you need is an Android or Windows smartphone. Android users have more options of refer and earn apps.

You can also earn by free recharge apps. Free recharge apps method is simple. Just share your referral link with friends and ask them to download the app. You can also earn by installing apps on your mobile. If you have a new mobile and you, haven’t installed any apps in your mobile. Then check out . You can easily earn up to 500 Rs or more free recharge quickly within a day. All free recharge apps also offer refer and earn program.

So above are my best 5 trusted ways to earn money online in India. If you have any doubt or any query regarding anything above, do comment below. We will be happy to help you. Also, if you know any other trusted online earning money method then share with us.


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