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To design

When launched Z40 Tecra, Toshiba advertise that this is a very durable laptops, but are very light and thin with target audience is business users who need to move much. Because of its design and magnesium frame structure “honeycomb” inside, the machine is not only lightweight but also very durable.

In the experience of actual use of Laptopmag , magnesium body frame of the machine becomes Tecra Z40 definitely help and not having listened fingerprint phenomenon. This is a significant plus point because even slightly lumpy crust of ThinkPad T431 still cling fingerprint.

Part keyboard lid and bottom parts are textured crust, while the screen border is formed by the dull plastic.

Pointing stick of Tecra Z40 directly beneath the G and H keys, while the fingerprint reader located below the touchpad. The bottom part of the machine to connect to the dock.

With a weight of 1.47 kg lighter than the ThinkPad Z40 Tecra Lenovo T431 (1.54 kg) and the Dell Latitude 6430 (1.81 kg). With 33.79 x 23.62 x size of 2.03 cm, Tecra Z40 ThinkPad T431 slightly larger in size but are quite similar to Latitude 6430.

In general, you can comfortably hold the camera with one hand; body with magnesium but not outstanding but also attractive style elegance.

Durability and heat resistance

Still not a laptop is designed to withstand harsh environments but still durable Tecra Z40 much other laptops. According to the statement of Toshiba Tecra part of the Body Touch Z40 chassis can withstand the force equivalent to 10G (G: gravity) and 60G when operating the machine is turned off. The frame interior design “beehive” help absorb heat better.

Tecra Z40 also owns EasyGuard technology certified HALT, allowing components such as hard drives and monitors can withstand impact forces better. Confirmation HALT (Highly Accelerated Test Lifestyle, roughly translated: The test uses high-speed) is a method of testing the bearing capacity of the engineering design process, with the aim of detecting the error before the machine is production.

Tecra Z40 is designed to operate in harsh weather: from 5 degrees C to 35 degrees C. When off, the Tecra Z40 can withstand temperatures ranging from 20 to 65 degrees C.


The display of the Tecra Z40 with 14 inch size and resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Quality screen test version (1299 USD) only acceptable, if not the least: while the image is clear, the screen color is quite dark and not good quality. Resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is quite low for the $ 1,300. If you want to buy the version with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, you will have to spend $ 30 (approximately 630,000 contracts).

When comparing the X-Men movie trailer: Days of Future Past Tecra between Z40 and Latitude 6430u, we can see that the image on the Tecra Z40 does not live by. For example, the pause in the frame Mystique character’s face, the green color of this mutant looks a bit pale. Fortunately, the level of detail of the image in two models are equal.

On a scale measuring brightness, Tecra Z40 only 169 lux. Screen brightness of Latitude 6430 almost doubled: 295 lux. Lenovo ThinkPad T431s Form am not using Latitude but also a lot better Tecra Z40: 202 lux, close to the average level of 210 lux 14 inch models. ThinkPad T431 also has a resolution of 1600 x 900 default better than the Tecra Z40.


You should not rely too much on the speaker placed below the fuselage Tecra Z40. When playing music by Band Of Horses The Funeral, Tecra Z40 to sound too small and shallow. Latitude 6430u for sound clarity and better balance. While the laptop is Laptopmag test average volume of 84 decibels, Tecra Z40 only 79 decibels.


Tecra Z40 quite spacious keyboard, Chiclet-style (square button, rounded corners) familiar. The keyboard of the Tecra Z40 resists water and lights. Like most other Toshiba, the Tecra keyboard Z40 slightly shorter length.

Overall, the experience of the Tecra keyboard Z40 uncomfortable with Latitude 6430u. The key seems “hard” than, and not by the depth keypress. Speed ​​typing test average reached 51 Z40 Tecra / min, while Latitude 59 words / minute.

Accupoint and Touchpad

Like other business laptops, Tecra Z40 owned pointing stick in the middle of the key G and H keys 2 keys for mouse pointing stick buttons located beneath a blank, so you can easily use your thumb to press 2 This button when using the pointing stick. Sorry, this little 2 key press hard experience that becomes quite annoying.

Pointing stick trademark of Toshiba Accupoint textured surface, you can navigate easily, but can make you uncomfortable hand. Fortunately this is not the pointing stick sunken keyboard as the model of Dell and HP.

Touchpad with size 10 x 5.7 cm of Z40 widely Tecra and sensitive enough to create a pleasant experience scroll. Separating the 2 button touchpad and touchpad is a separating line is very difficult to identify. 2 button mouse works very well.

Earlier fingerprint scanner and security

Tecra Z40 has a fingerprint scanner just below the touchpad, allows you to log on to the computer, on the website and protect your files.

The installation process for fingerprint security department is also very simple: you enter each finger in turn, up to 10 finger. Screen settings Tecra Z40 will guide you how to scan fingerprint “authentic” to read the data accurately. After trying to scan a few times, Tecra Z40 will allow you to scan fingerprint 4 times to save the data.

On the login screen, just a fingerprint scanner that you can bypass the password. You can also save passwords on sites such as Facebook by enabling the add-on of Toshiba Fingerprint Utility on Internet Explorer.

Toshiba also offers a few additional security features such as TPM to encrypt data or SmartCard to protect information. With multiple layers of security, you probably will not have to worry about the security of information stored on the Tecra Z40.


According to Toshiba, thanks to technology Airflow II, Tecra Z40 will keep the temperature low even when running the most intensive tasks. Airflow II system includes a heat pipe is next Monday radiator fan, radiator are allowed in different parts of the lower body. This technology will help avoid an area to focus too much heat in the body.

In the experiment of Laptopmag , Tecra Z40 good heat dissipation. When playing video in full screen for 15 minutes, the touchpad temperature only reached 26 degrees C, while the lower body only 29.5 degree Celsius heat unit near the bottom slot machine can make you hard pleasant, with temperatures above 35 degrees C.


Although very thin and light machines, Toshiba did not remove any connectors needed at all. According to the company, to retain the old connector is suitable for the environment in many different companies. It has VGA, HDMI, SD card slot, a USB port on the right side; left headphone slot, two USB 3.0 ports, slots wired network (Ethernet), charging slot and Kensington lock slot on the left side.


Z40 2.0MP Webcam Tecra of creating color images, but are fuzzy. During a video call via Skype, the editor of Laptopmag can identify red hair and skin color seems pretty accurate. However, the image is not sharp and there is too much noise.


Thanks Core i5 processor clocked at 1.9 GHz 4300 Haswell and 8GB RAM, Tecra Z40 has a very good performance when used daily. You can run seven programs simultaneously and watch videos smoothly.

Sorry, benchmark results are not too optimistic. Tecra 2542 Z40 points on PC Mark 7, much lower than the 3445 average of thin laptop segment, slightly. Dell Latitude 6430 Core i5 processor with the older generation (3427U) and 8GB RAM speed 1,8GHz scores double Tecra Z40: ThinkPad T431 5065. Core i5 3427U also use the 1.9GHz clock speed, but only reach 2884 points.

Overall, while the Z40 running pretty fast Tecra experience in daily use, the machine’s startup time is very long. Tecra Z40 take up to 49 seconds to boot Windows 7 Professional, nearly double the average 28 seconds of lightweight laptops.

Hard Drive 320 GB 7200 rotation / min of Tecra 4.97 GB Z40 can copy data within 3 minutes 43 seconds, equivalent to 23MB / sec. Using solid-state drive, Latitude 6430 takes just 32 sec (159MB / sec). Hitachi’s hard drive ThinkPad T431 also reached 43,1MB / sec.

In testing OpenOffice Spreadsheet, Tecra Z40 can join 20,000 names to addresses within 4 minutes 45 seconds. This figure is much more positive than the average 6 minutes 22 seconds of items, small laptop, and well beyond the Latitude 6430 (5 minutes 11 seconds) and ThinkPad T431s (5 minutes 13 seconds).


Graphics Intel HD Graphics integrated Tecra 440 of the Z40 is enough to see the video and high resolution images, but you also should not hope to play the game “peak” on this laptop. When the famous online game World of Warcraft in resolution 1366 x 768 pixels, Tecra Z40 hard to maintain an acceptable level (30 frames / sec). When you turn on the high-end graphics options more frames / sec down to just 17.

In 3DMark, Tecra Z40 reached 869 points, 963 points less than average. ThinkPad T431 only 530 points, while the Latitude 6430u is only 661 points.


In testing LAPTOP (surfing via Wi-Fi, screen brightness 40%) of Laptopmag , 4-cell battery Tecra of the Z40 can reach up to 9 hours 28 minutes. The battery life is so much better than the average of 6 hours 28 minutes and also exceed 7 hours and 07 minutes of Latitude 6430u 6 hours 59 minutes of ThinkPad T431.However, it should be noted that the brightness of the screen Tecra Z40 is much lower than competitors, so comparisons between the battery life of this model is not really objective.

Software and Warranty

Toshiba also offers Toshiba Assist application includes many tools check the status of the machine and allows you to optimize certain settings. For example, you can customize your mouse, touchpad and turn power control applications.

Until AM Applications can be somewhat uncomfortable for you, but this is still a useful application: This application lets you take any song from Soundcloud, Google Drive or from a computer on the desk DJ “virtual “.

Tecra Z40 3 year warranty.

The Tecra Z40 version

Tecra Z40 has many versions. The most expensive version of the Z40 is priced Tecra 1429 USD (original price in the United States, equivalent to 30.2 million) with 4600U Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB 7200rpm hard drive. Machines were installed Windows 7 Professional, but also Windows 8.1 Pro license.

Model tested with 1299 USD price, Intel Core i5 4300, 8GB RAM and 320GB hard drive. Like most expensive versions, including Windows 7 Professional PC and Windows 8.1 Pro.

Toshiba also launched two lower-cost version: version starting with 799 (16.9 million, cost in the US) with 4010U Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive pre-installed Windows 7 (no 8.1). Version 1099 USD (23.2 million, cost in the US) with Core i5 4300U processor, 4GB RAM, 320GB hard drive and Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1 Professional license.

In general, you should choose to fart 128GB hard drive (55 USD – 1.2 million) or 256GB (additional 180 USD – 3.8 million). In addition, the choice of screen resolution 1600 x 900 ($ 30 – 6.4 million).

General statement

With its $ 1229 price, Tecra Z40 version is Laptopmag trial design strengths are lightweight, strong, and very good battery life, fingerprint scanner with high quality. However, the screen is too dark Tecra Z40 is a very deplorable weakness, not to mention the keys to the size too small. At this price, Toshiba also use solid state drives instead of conventional mechanical hard drives.

In general, the price range of the Tecra Z40, you should choose Dell Latitude 6430u. This model has the older generation processors, but with brighter screens and solid-state drive dramatically increases processing performance. Lenovo ThinkPad T440s is an obvious choice than by keyboard Tecra Z40 high quality and sharper screen (1600 x 900), more light. In summary, Tecra laptop Z40 is still a good quality, but with the same cost, you have more options than brilliant.

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